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10 Steps To Training That Works

News   •   Jul 05, 2012 14:21 BST

Track Training Tips No 1.

 10 Steps to Training that Works.

 Making the most of your training budget is essential – both for the trainer and the business. So, whoever is responsible for staff development in your organisation, you might consider the following steps to increase your Return On Investment.

 1.      Both individual and team training should be linked to the achievement of Personal and Business Objectives

2.      The Learning Objectives must be clear and understood by all

3.      The Learning must be capable of Evaluation

4.      Training should be participative and engaging – not ‘lecturing at’

5.      Line managers must be aware of their responsibility in transferring the Learning back to the workplace

6.      Motivation comes before Learning – therefore, learners should want to attend and learn (create the right culture, ensure managers are actively involved)

7.      Delegates need to understand why they are attending and what they are expected to learn

8.      The training should be delivered at a time and place, and in such a way that ensures the greatest likelihood of transfer of Knowledge and Skills

9.      Training should not be a ‘one off’ – but part of an ongoing process

10. Each programme needs a senior management sponsor.

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