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10 Tips for Setting Up and Maintaining a Mentoring system.

News   •   Jan 27, 2014 09:48 GMT

Track Training Tips No 13.

10 Tips for Setting Up and Maintaining a Mentoring system.

A growing area of interest at the present time is in the use of Mentoring schemes to assist with Organisational Development. It is important that such programmes are not seen as a panacea for all issues, and, rather like a Personal Development Review programme, there are many ways in which they may fail if due care is not given to the Planning and Preparation stages.

However, done correctly they can add some serious value to your organisation.

So, our top ten 10 tips to get you started.

1.  Be very clear as to the Purpose of your programme – this is vital, why are you doing it and what added value will it bring to the business? Ensure a Champion at the top level.

2.  Be very clear as to want you want the Mentor to do (Role).

3.  Clarify the Benefits for organisation, Mentor and participant – these are many and varied but they need to be clearly identified and agreed. This will help to ‘sell’ the programme internally.

4.  Clarify the selection criteria for both Mentor and participant – not all senior managers make good mentors!

5.  Match mentor with participant with great care.

6.  Clarify the Roles of Mentor, Participant, Line Manager and Scheme Co-ordinator.

7.  Provide training for all those involved.

8.  Understand and clarify the key phases of the mentoring relationship (Start, Middle, End).

9.  Be aware of likely issues and possible solutions in planning and maintaining the scheme in your particular organisation .

10. Determine criteria for scheme evaluation.

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