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How to make the best use of your e mails

News   •   Sep 01, 2014 15:02 BST

Track Training Tips No. 17

16 Tips for Making the Best use of your E Mails.

“By the end of 2006, global e mail traffic is expected to exceed 60 billion messages a day.” (ILM March ’06)

Quite a large percentage of it ineffective in achieving its goals, poorly written, not acted upon, ignored, not understood by the receiver, increasing stress levels, playing political games – you get the picture!

The ‘solution’ might be to set out some basic rules for everyone in your organisation to follow and help to improve the effectiveness of your business communication systems.

The Do’s:

  1. Remember: if its important and urgent pick up the telephone or preferable go and see the person concerned.
  2. Read the message fully and completely before replying, make sure you understand its purpose.
  3. E-mails are good for scheduling meetings and other relatively simple tasks/issues.
  4. Use filters to delete unwanted e-mails automatically.
  5. Keep things formal in nature and let the receiver set the tone.
  6. Always check your format, spelling and accuracy before sending.
  7. Tackle e-mails in ‘blocks of time’ when its convenient for you.
  8. Turn off the ‘you’ve got mail message’ to help achieve the above.
  9. Have a good filling system.
  10. KISS – Keep it Short and Simple

The Don’ts:

  1. CC the world and their dog – unless they really do need to know.
  2. Use e-mail for long complicated matters.
  3. Use e-mails for sensitive, personal matters.
  4. Send them when you are feeling Emotional – sleep on it, reread in the morning, then send it .
  5. Write in CAPITALS!
  6. There is no Body Language and no tone of voice to help the receiver of the communication understand your feelings – so choose your words very carefully.

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