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British Cables Association launches CPR guide

News   •   Jan 11, 2017 10:56 GMT

Specifiers will be able to gain a greater understanding of their responsibilities when it comes to specifying cables on construction projects as the British Cables Association has issued a Construction Products Regulation (CPR) guide.

It will be compulsory from 1st July 2017 for cables with a Reaction to Fire performance and that are intended for permanent installation in buildings and constructions works, to be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and have CE marking.

It remains the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide the DoP and to apply CE marking but the guide provides guidance to all specifiers, architects, designers and local authorities when specifying cable.

Currently the UK has no legislation in place to specify the required level of performance needed for the cable in relation to Reaction to Fire. The guide outlines the choices on the market and what level of performance they provide in respect to existing parameters and requirements.

Included within the British Cables Association’s guide are recommendations for specifiers:

Always specify cables that have the CE marking according to CPR, accompanied by a Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Specify cables of class Eca or higher

Use cables described as low fire hazard or equivalent (LSHF, LSOH, OHLS, LSNH etc.) particularly where fire safety requirements are high or very high

Ensure that low fire hazard cables above class Eca include the additional classifications for smoke, acidity and, for particular applications, flame droplets

Avoid cables classified as Fca as they are likely to burn uncontrollably in a fire

Where there is doubt, consult the manufacturer

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