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​DONG Energy confirm world first bio plant for household waste

News   •   Feb 23, 2016 11:02 GMT

Ground-breaking waste technology for Cheshire

The UK will see the world’s first bio plant for handling unsorted household waste confirmed DONG Energy yesterday.

Announcing the development, Brent Cheshire, DONG Energy's UK Country Chairman, said: "It's fantastic to see the world's first bio plant of this type being built in Northwich, underlining the UK is once again leading the way in renewable energy. This new plant also highlights our commitment to investing in the Northern Powerhouse.

"REnescience is a brilliant new technology and generates as many resources as possible from everyday household waste. This new bio plant will see us handling waste in a much smarter way".

The plant will be capable of handling unsorted household waste, without prior treatment, using enzymes. This ground-breaking technology – REnescience – developed by Dong, has been undergoing testing in Copenhagen since 2009.

It’s success will see the first commercial full-scale plant built in Northwich and will see a more of the UK household waste being recycled and converted into biogas energy. With an annual capacity of 120,000 tonnes of waste, equivalent to the waste from almost 110,000 UK households, the plant will use waste collected from Northwich households.

Planning permission for the works has been granted with the plant financed, built and operated by DONG Energy, construction is expected to begin this month, with the plant commissioned in early 2017.

Around 150 people will be involved during the peak phase of construction, with an average of 75 at any given time. The plant will also require around 24 full-time local employees to operate it.

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