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Pulling an all-nighter impairs working memory in women

Press Releases   •   Jan 31, 2018 13:50 GMT

Over the last few decades, a wealth of evidence has accumulated to suggest that a lack of sleep is bad for mind and body. Working memory is important for keeping things in mind for briefer periods of time, which thereby facilitates reasoning and planning. A team of sleep scientists from Uppsala University now demonstrates that acute sleep loss impacts working memory differently in women and men.

Dog ownership linked to lower mortality

Press Releases   •   Nov 17, 2017 10:00 GMT

A team of Swedish scientists have used national registries of more than 3.4 million Swedes aged 40 to 80 to study the association between dog ownership and cardiovascular health. Their study shows that dog owners had a lower risk of death due to cardiovascular disease or to other causes during the 12-year follow-up.

Delayed clamping prevents anaemia

Press Releases   •   Jan 17, 2017 16:00 GMT

When clamping of the umbilical cord is delayed, iron deficiency up to six months of age can be prevented, according to a new study from Uppsala University, published in JAMA Pediatrics. The study was conducted in Nepal.

​Increased cooperation between preschool and CHC to identify children with mental health problems

Press Releases   •   Jan 13, 2017 12:33 GMT

It is beneficial to systematise the exchange of information between parents, preschool and child care centres (CHCs) to increase the focus on young children with mental health problems. This is shown in a recently conducted study from Uppsala University, published in the journal PLOS One.