Chargeback remediation specialist invests in hot UK start-up

Press Releases   •   Oct 25, 2016 08:30 BST

Once again Veridu has secured money for the company’s further growth and expansion. This time Chargebacks911 has invested an undisclosed amount of money in the London-based start-up. Besides the investment, Chargebacks911 has also signed a deal with Veridu to roll out the company’s software in the U.S.


The Sharing Economy Revealed: It’s All About the Money

Press Releases   •   Jun 30, 2016 08:30 BST

A car stands still more than 90% of the time, so it makes sense for people with different needs to share the same car - saving Earth’s precious resources and making the world a better place. However noble this notion is, reality shows a different picture. People share to save money and that’s their number one reason to share, according to a new survey.


Consumers Don’t Trust the Sharing Economy

Press Releases   •   Jun 02, 2016 08:00 BST

Big Sharing Economy brands now mainstream - building trust fundamental to this growth. Generation of “crowd brand aggregators” are the brand leaders in the Sharing Economy.


It’s the End of the Road for Traditional Identity Verification

Press Releases   •   May 25, 2016 08:00 BST

Today, even the tiniest business processes are being digitized. This allows companies and public authorities to quickly and cost-efficiently serve their customers and citizens. A new white paper shows that in a world where online data about individuals is abundant, using social media to identify yourself seems to be the next logical step.


UnderTheDoormat secures homeowners before their guests arrive

Press Releases   •   Apr 12, 2016 10:22 BST

Thanks to the blooming sharing economy homeowners are able to rent their homes out. This provides them with an effortless additional income for the most valuable asset they own. UnderTheDoormat allows people to do just that in the city of London. To ensure that the homeowners know the true identity of the people who’ll rent their homes, the company relies on online footprints and algorithms.


Leading global payment processor invests in disruptive startup

Press Releases   •   Apr 06, 2016 09:03 BST

• Disruptive startup Veridu today announces that it has secured investment from Worldpay. • Veridu has introduced the market to a completely new way of verifying the identity of people from all over the globe. • According to Veridu’s founder, Rasmus Groth, the investment is a stamp of approval and also shows that the fintech industry is currently going through some major changes.


Could social media updates snag teens their dream job?

Press Releases   •   Feb 24, 2016 08:15 GMT

Social media services are extremely popular among teens who easily spend hours on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every day. But with employers increasingly turning to social media to get more colour on prospective candidates, teens need to get more savvy about exactly what they share and how they share it. So says the founder of London-based Veridu.


Realex partners with Veridu

News   •   Feb 23, 2016 08:30 GMT

Realex just announced that we at Veridu will be making our SDK available to developers at Realex's upcoming hackathon on the 11th and 12th March 2016. We're excited to be officially on board as one of Realex's partners for the FinAppsParty.


6 Questions with Rasmus Groth, Founder of Veridu

News   •   Feb 08, 2016 09:47 GMT

Rasmus Groth, Founder and CEO of Veridu.com, was interviewed for Founders Grid on January 15th, 2016. In this interview, Groth tells about what it is like for him to travel between Copenhagen and London every week — and how he makes the most of his time. He also shares one of the best pieces of advice that he has been given and tells about Veridu's go to market strategy.


Global ID startup, Veridu, raises £800,000 in seed funding for global identity platform

Press Releases   •   Oct 06, 2015 09:00 BST

Veridu has successfully completed yet another major funding round and is aiming for a valuation of £20,000,000 in 2016. Among the investors are a number of prominent names that believe in using people’s social footprints to globally create online trust.

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