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Shower solutions for hotels – High-quality shower trays for all needs and preferences

Press Release   •   May 12, 2016 15:41 BST

Modern shower solutions are integral components of contemporary hotel bathrooms and feature in every bathroom. In private residential buildings, the aesthetics and spatial aspects of the shower area define its design. But in the commercial sector, technical factors such as the anti-slip class, sound insulation or accessibility have to be considered additionally.

Villeroy & Boch, as a partner for the property business, provides a large selection of high-quality shower trays made of acrylic, Quaryl® and ceramic, which are available in a wide selection of standard as well as customised sizes. The Infinity shower trays, awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016, can be cut into individual customised sizes and special factors such as protrusions or corners can also be taken into account. Villeroy & Boch has classic shower trays in white and in other colours, which incorporate the latest trends in trays, as well as ceramic shower trays with selected tile designs.

Walk-in shower areas – flush-fitting, on tiles or a base

When sophisticated hotels are built nowadays, the shower areas are designed as spacious walk-in spa showers with flat, rimless shower trays. Guests are able to enjoy a spacious shower room, which can also be designed as an accessible room so that guests with disabilities or limited mobility can easily use them.

Experts use materials such as ceramic, Quaryl® or acrylic as they provide significant benefits compared to tiled floors. In wet areas with tiled floors, the joints can still become leaky even if the tiles were laid by a professional, resulting in extensive renovation in the shower area. Moisture can also cause damage to the walls and floors, which often leads to costly refurbishments. Walk-in shower trays are also ideal for a more hygienic environment. Thanks to the smooth, closed surface, dirt particles and bacteria cannot grip onto anything – in marked contrast to porous joints where germs and mould can build up, posing a health risk to hotel guests. Hoteliers, therefore, are confronted with comparatively high costs for thoroughly cleaning and taking care of shower areas with tiles and joints. However, walk-in showers only need water and a neutral cleaning agent to get them hygienically clean, and it takes a lot less time to do so, too. The results: fewer cleaning costs in total and, therefore, a lower environmental impact because significantly fewer non-aggressive cleaning agents are used. Another advantage of shower trays is the flexible installation. When a floor-level shower is neither desired nor possible, for example when it is being renovated, then there are functional and attractive shower solutions, which allow shower trays to be installed on the existing tiles or on a base in the shower area. To ensure builders, hoteliers and planners of hotel bathrooms have as many planning options for shower areas as possible, Villeroy & Boch's collections have high-quality shower trays with many different designs, e.g. Squaro Infinity made of Quaryl®, Subway Infinity made of ceramic and Architectura MetalRim made of acrylic.

Squaro Infinity

The Squaro Infinity shower trays made of Quaryl®, the patented material made of acrylic resin and quartz, have very exact edges for flush-fit installation thanks to the integrated ribbed technology and special casting process. The easy-to-clean, durable surface is warm underfoot and has the highest anti-slip class C. It has also been certified by the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics according to DIN 4109, the technical guidelines for sound insulation. This ensures that they are safe to use and noise is reduced, as is required in hotels.

The Squaro Infinity shower trays are available in nearly 50 standard sizes and can also be custom-cut with millimetre precision upon request. The shower trays can be cut to size on site with the proper tools and the instructions manual. A special installation system is used that has a steel beam and a frame that can be cut to fit all shower sizes.

To ensure it is integrated harmoniously into the existing interior, Squaro Infinity is available in the five solid matt colours of Edelweiss, Anthracite, Grey, Brown and Crème.

Subway Infinity

The Subway Infinite ceramic shower trays are also available in a wide variety of models. They come in 26 sizes, ranging from 80 x 75 cm to the XXL format of 160 x 100 cm, as well as in customised sizes and shapes. The flush outlet in the shower tray creates a clear and harmonious look. Subway Infinity is available in the three standard anti-slip colours in class B (PN18) - White Alpin, Ardoise and Taupe.

There are also Subway Infinity shower trays with Villeroy & Boch tile designs. By implementing ViPrint, an innovative, digital printing technology for ceramic shower trays, the patterns of selected floor tiles can be printed on 19 different sizes of trays. There are currently eight designs of successful tile series available, from a beige natural stone look through contemporary wood shades to a minimalist modern concrete effect in grey and anthracite. The shower bases are cut after glazing, printing and firing, ensuring the pattern extends all the way to the edges. Precise cutting allows flush integration in tiled floors, resulting in a consistent and seamless surface. The ViPrint versions are available in the anti-slip class A (PN12).

Architectura MetalRim

The Architectura MetalRim shower trays in the professional Architectura collection are the ideal choice for hotel bathrooms that require very robust floor-level showers. The four corners of the ultra-flat, rimless acrylic shower trays have been reinforced with galvanised steel, making them extremely stable and durable. They are cast from 4 mm solid-coloured sanitary acrylic that has been tested according to EN 249 and is extremely resilient, shock- and impact-proof and completely colour-fast. The easy-to-clean surface is UV-resistant and can be repaired easily even after it has been installed. The shower trays are, therefore, extremely sustainable. Villeroy & Boch gives ten years' warranty on these high-quality material properties.

Thanks to the special technology with steel-reinforced edging, Architectura MetalRim provides a high level of stability and has a load-bearing capacity of up to 1,000 kg. For more safety, customers can opt for a Vilbogrip anti-slip class C finish.

The design features a minimalistic, ultra-flat, rimless tray with a flush outlet cover. The white outlet cover is included in the delivery and is available upon request in Chrome Matt and chrome-plated. The outflow capacity of 51 litres of water per minute makes it highly efficient.

31 different designs are available, each with 15-mm or 48-mm rims and in two finishes, making 124 versions in total. Both 15-mm versions are wheelchair accessible; the 48-mm version is only wheelchair accessible when installed in the screed.

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