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Over two thirds of High Wycombe attendees referred to their GP following free blood pressure event

Press Release   •   Dec 08, 2015 10:20 GMT

High Wycombe residents were offered free blood pressure checks and advice at an instore event at Vision Express earlier this week.

Almost 70% of those who took part were referred to their GP, and three were advised to make an urgent visit. Four of the referrals were recommended to people under the age of 30.

Held in partnership with the Stroke Association, the ‘Know Your Blood Pressure’ event raised awareness of stroke and its impact on vision. Statistics show that over 11,000 people, almost 2% of the regional population, are survivors of stroke.

Up to 60% of people will experience visual problems following a stroke, yet one in three are unaware that sight loss could be a problem, or that treatment and support is available. Via an eye test, Vision Express optometrists can identify indicators of increased blood pressure, which is the single biggest risk factor for stroke.

During the event held at the Eden Shopping Centre, Life After Stroke coordinators Jane Libby and Janeen Hughes, told residents about the warning signs of stroke, and how simple lifestyle changes can reduce blood pressure to a normal level.

Jim Swindells, director of fundraising at the Stroke Association, commented: “The Vision Express team’s commitment to eye health is second to none, and the results at High Wycombe speak for themselves. This was a vital way to spread the message about common risk factors for stroke.”

Thom McLoughlin, store manager at Vision Express High Wycombe, added: “The public have all been really happy to come in and have their blood pressure taken. It has been a great opportunity for local residents to come and have a health check.

“Early symptoms associated with stroke can include loss of vision or blurred vision in one or both eyes, and many people don’t realise the breadth of health conditions we can be identify through an eye test. It is vital to have a routine exam at least every two years and to see an optometrist straight away if you experience any issues with your sight.”

Did you know?

There are around 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK.

By the age of 75, one in five women and one in six men will have a stroke.

Stroke kills twice as many women as breast cancer and more men than prostate and testicular cancer combined a year.

High blood pressure is a contributing factor to 54% of strokes.

It is estimated there could be up to 6.8 million people in the UK with undiagnosed high blood pressure.

Vision Express offers an eye test to best practise guidelines of the College of Optometrists (COO) with each Vision Express optometrist being a qualified eye health professional. To book an eye test visit the Vision Express High Wycombe store at Eden Shopping Centre, Newland Street, Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP11 2B, call 01494 473399 or visit:

About Vision Express

Vision Express is the third largest optical retailer in the UK and part of GrandVision,the global leader in optical retail operating across 43 countries, spanning over 5,800 stores and online.

With more than 390 stores nationwide, Vision Express first opened its doors in Newcastle in 1988. Built on a passion for the profession, it has gone from strength to strength, driven by a commitment to unparalleled customer service and providing the best individual optical care, the right product and great value. Customers can select from a vast range of genuine designer brands and the latest technology lenses, through to complete glasses from £39.

Vision Express is considered one of the leading and most trusted opticians in the UK and Ireland, with its European offering supported through sister eye care brands Grand Optical, Solaris and Generale D'Optique.

With around 4,000 employees, Vision Express makes a significant difference to the communities it operates within, and the organisations it chooses to support. As part of its commitment to Vision. Taken Seriously, and as a responsible and caring retailer, Vision Express is proud to partner with a range of healthcare charities, which have touched the lives of customers and teams. These companies provide vital support to people affected by vision-related conditions. They are part of the Vision Express Charity Project and include:

  • Alzheimer’s Research UK
  • Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT)
  • International Glaucoma Association
  • Macular Society
  • Stroke Association
  • Temple Street University Hospital.

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