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Hop on the Northern Lights Express Train

Press Release   •   Sep 29, 2014 11:41 BST

Hop on the Northern Lights Express Train – in Northern Norway

New this winter, the Northern Lights Express Train offers visitors a different way to chase the lights. The journey takes you from the Arctic fjord city Narvik in Northern Norway, into the wilderness in Swedish Lapland. While spotting the lights is the prime goal, the journey also includes a visit to a Sami camp, an aurora photo tour, and a two-course gourmet meal.

The Northern Lights continue to spellbind people, and thousands of Brits travel to Norway each year hoping to see them. With this new train journey, chasing the lights have never been more entertaining– included are other arctic experiences such as meeting an indigenous Sami family, who’s traditional livelihood is reindeer herding, as well as learning how to best take impressive photos of the merry dancers.

Enhancing chances of seeing the lights

The northern lights are best seen above the Arctic Circle, where most of Northern Norway is located. Another reason why Norway is repeatedly said to be one of the best places in the world to see the lights is the geographical mix of coast, mountains and plateaus within short proximity. Chances are that the optimal northern lights conditions are present, either by going to the coast or into the country.

This train journey includes both the Arctic coast landscape surrounding Narvik and mountainous areas. Thus chances are good to catch them at some point during the journey – if not all the way through.

Historical backdrop

You will travel on the Ofoten Line, which most significant function is transportation of iron ores from Sweden to Norway, before ultimately out to the world by ships through the ice-free harbor. During
WW2, it was crucial for the Germans to control this iron ore railway, while equally important for the Allies to stop the supply. This resulted in the Battles of Narvik, the first time the Germans were defeated by the Allies, and a hugely important event in the war.


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Notes to editors:

Package includes:

Train journey on the Ofoten Line, starting in Narvik and ending in Swedish Lapland. Visit to a Sami Village; short hike along the Lake Tornetrask and in the Arctic wilderness; two-course gourmet meal of local specialities; Aurora photo tour.

Price: £390 per person

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