Yoomi gets the thumbs up from the British public…

Press Releases   •   Mar 12, 2014 16:54 GMT

Young British baby brand, yoomi, the creators of the world’s first self warming baby bottle continues to gather praise from customers around the world for their innovative products that make feeding times easier for new parents everywhere. The latest recognition comes from the Bizzie Baby testers who have confirmed yoomi’s superior position amongst other feeding products.

Made in Britain, yoomi shows how it can be done...

Press Releases   •   Dec 04, 2013 12:13 GMT

Young British baby brand, yoomi, the world’s first self warming baby bottle is now being recognised by The British Library as an example of how British innovation can revitalise economic growth. Yoomi was invited to attend two high profile events held at The British Library this month at which it was introduced as a fast growing British manufacturer to Vince Cable MP and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.


Press Releases   •   Mar 28, 2013 11:30 GMT

Bonding with baby: Our tips for Dad's

Press Releases   •   Feb 28, 2013 11:40 GMT

yoomi wins more awards!

Press Releases   •   Jan 28, 2013 15:44 GMT

Handy tips for bath time

Press Releases   •   Jan 18, 2013 13:22 GMT

Yoomi provides you with handy tips at bath time!

yoomi supports mums who express...

Press Releases   •   Jan 10, 2013 13:02 GMT

supporting mums who express yoomi, designed with mums who express in mind...

Gift wrapping made easy...

Press Releases   •   Dec 06, 2012 09:13 GMT

With only 19 days left to go until Christmas, the race is on to find the ideal gift.

Is my baby getting enough milk...?

Press Releases   •   Nov 22, 2012 16:07 GMT

In the early days getting to grips with feeding your baby can be a little daunting. It’s normal to feel anxious about whether baby is getting enough milk, how often you should feed or how much to feed. Here are some top tips which we think may help...

No more burnt nipples for Adam Chapman – thanks to yoomi

Press Releases   •   Nov 14, 2012 13:35 GMT

When Jim Shaikh, CEO of yoomi, the self warming baby bottle, heard that Adam Chapmanl of Oxford United played through the pain of a burnt nipple after making up a feed for his baby the night before, he was instantly taken back to when it was him preparing the night feeds for his eldest son, Danial, now 9.

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