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​Digby Jones, speeches and PR

Blog posts   •   May 22, 2015 10:45 BST

By Marcus Chrysostomou

Last week I was invited to an event hosted by Wilkins Kennedy LLP at Leeds Castle to see Lord Digby Jones speak. I was grateful for the opportunity as he clearly has a lot to say, and as a crossbencher in the House of Lords, can be very honest about his views.

His speech was wide ranging about politics, the election, supporting small businesses, the EU and the economy.

His speech was also effortless, he had no notes, he was witty, humble, controversial and knowledgeable. And being able to put this across in such a way, is something that comes with experience and 'knowing your stuff'.

So where is the PR in this? Well, if you are an expert on a subject or 'know your stuff' then you are half way there. Credibility and passion always comes across when you are able to talk about an issue or subject with authority. Doing this will help build up your profile and visibility for the company, organisation or yourself. This enhanced profile may lead to more speaker appointments and possibly media requests for interviews. This is of course good PR.

Other benefits are that it may increase your standing with clients, politicians and stakeholders. This could lead to selling more of your product, building trust with your customers or even lobbying for policy or other changes.

The content of your speech can then be made available afterwards, promoted through a press release, online, on a blog, tweeted or via LinkedIn. All of which is also good PR.

If you are concerned about your speaking style, your PR team can help train you. They can also help you finalise your presentation and pull out the key messages. However, to make it credible you need to deliver it.

I am not saying that we can all become Lord Digby Jones, but if you keep it simple, stick to what you know, and remember that PR is there to help, then you should be able to achieve your desired outcome.

By Marcus Chrysostomou Last week I was invited to an event hosted by Wilkins Kennedy LLP at Leeds Castle to see Lord Digby Jones speak. I was grateful for the opportunity as he clearly has a lot to say, and as a crossbencher in the House of Lords, can be very honest about his views.

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