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4 Things you Probably Didn’t know About Sales Quoting Software

Blog post   •   Nov 28, 2016 10:38 EST

Sales quoting software, as we know, help to automate the quoting process and speed up the sales process. For quite some time, we have been hearing that the quoting tool eliminates delays from manual errors, helps sales reps to create quotes quickly, in turn boosting their productivity. It simplifies the quoting process and subsequently the entire sales process. From calculating taxes to determining the freight charges, an online quoting toolcomputes everything while you are creating a quote for your customer.

However, there are still lesser known facts about sales quoting software that you might be unware of. They are discussed below

Create Complex Quotations Effortlessly

Resellers who have complex products catalogs are doubtful about the usage of sales quoting software. These resellers are primary involved in creating complex configuration products as per customer requirements. However with the tool, these resellers can easily create quotations for some of the most complex products that they are offering. So no matter how complex your quoting process is, a sales quoting tool will help to make it easier and faster.

Mobile Friendly Solution

Apart from laptops and desktops, sales quoting software that are available in the cloud can also be accessed via mobile devices. So now smartphones and tablets that you carry along with yourself can be helpful for quote creation. A mobile application of sales quoting tools is now readily available. Just install the mobile app through Apple app store or Google Play store and create and send quotations, receive effortlessly on your smartphones.

So whether you are sitting in the car or standing on the airport, you can easily browse your aggregated catalog, create quotes and accept orders with mobile quoting apps. You get complete visibility of your business anytime, anywhere through these mobile quoting apps. This will help you to accelerate your sales cycle with quicker turnaround time.

Built-in Upsell/Cross Sell Functionality

As you know, displaying upsell and cross-sell suggestions on ecommerce store has shown to improve sales. Upselling and cross-selling techniques can also be implemented using sales quoting software. So while you are creating a sales quote, the quoting tool displays upsell and cross-sell suggestions that are related to the products added in the quote. The functionality is beneficial from the economical point of view as sending a quote along with upsell and cross-sell suggestions can work wonders to increase order size.

Create Pricing as Per your Requirement

For some customers who buy frequently from your store, you would like to give them a discount on MSRP, while for others you want to add Margin on cost for every quote created. Your pricing requirements will vary depending upon the customer with whom you are dealing with. A sales quoting software will enable you to fulfill a range of pricing requirements including adding your own price to certain products and services.