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5 Ways to Build Ecommerce Customer Loyalty in 2017

Blog post   •   Jan 31, 2017 04:11 EST

Encouraging customer loyalty is vital when it comes to growing your ecommerce business. Keeping your existing customers loyal to your business can go a long way in increasing your sales. In order to build customer loyalty, you really don’t have to take lot of efforts, since customer retention is far cheaper than customer acquisition. Small efforts can go a long way in building customer trust.

Here’s what you should do to keep your customers satisfied and get repeat business.

Always Offer Quality Products

As long as your ecommerce storeproducts are of high quality, there is no reason why your customers should go to your competitors. Compromising on quality will substantially increase your risk of losing customers. So product quality is of utmost importance when it comes to building customer loyalty. Whatever be your product – content, videos, software, items – may sure the customer is never disappointed after using or accessing it.

Provide Good Customer Service

Service quality has a direct effect on the rate of customer retention. It is simply not possible to build trust in customers without providing excellent B2B and B2C ecommerce services. Offering 24/7 customer support through live chat, toll-free telephone number, and email is vital to respond to customer queries at the earliest. The earlier your respond, the more the customer will feel valued and cared. This gives your customers a big reason to stay loyal with your business.

Better Return Policy

A more flexible and generous return policy such as free and easy returns for defective and damaged items can certainly help to develop long term relationship with customers. In case the customer finds that the product delivered is not as per his expectations, your return policy should allow him to return the product without any hassle.

Incorporate Smart Pricing Strategies

Offering discounts to customers buying multiple products at once or spending a specific amount, is a good way to entice them. Such rewards make your customers feel special and appreciated, which can go a long way in fostering meaningful relationships.

Use Content Marketing

Publishing content on your B2B ecommerce platform that promote your products and services can also help to retain and secure new customers. For instance, case studies that tell client success stories act as testimonials of your products, which can help to build trust and loyalty among your customers.