9 Ecommerce Optimization Tips to Boost your Store’s Conversion

Blog post   •   Nov 25, 2016 10:06 EST

After purchasing an appropriate ecommerce softwareand setting up an online shop, one expects growth in business at a faster pace. However, many times moving to online business does not translate to better return on investment, the main reason being poor conversion rates that leads to substantial loss of revenue. In many cases, despite getting high traffic, the number of visitors performing the desired action is low. This indicates there are some major issues in your ecommerce store that is preventing visitors from making a purchase.

The following blog discusses ways to improve your ecommerce store’s conversion.

Clutter Free Store Design

A cluttered, complex design will never resonate with your online shoppers and is considered to be one of the biggest mistakes that can hurt conversions. Web pages that are crammed with too much graphics and information will annoy and deter website visitors. Check any high conversion online ecommerce storeand you will notice that it’s clean and professional. The store should have enough white space, which enables visitors to focus more on visuals and written information.

Better ‘About Us’ Page

‘About Us’ page provides information about your services and company in brief and moreover gives an overview of the company’s history. Studies show that shoppers who open the ‘About Page’ have much higher chances of making a purchase than those who don’t. Also the ‘About Us’ page is considered to be the frequently visited page on the website. In such circumstances, a poorly written ‘About Us’ page is unlikely to bring more sales.

If you want to increase your revenue, make sure you have a high quality ‘About Us’ page. As far as content is concerned, make sure it is persuasive and professionally written. You can include a compelling brand story that is engaging and resonates with your visitors. Be honest and direct, and give a compelling reason about why they should choose your products and services.

Simplify Checkout Process

A complicated checkout process is one of the biggest reasons behind ecommerce shopping cart abandonment, which eventually leads to loss of customers. So in order to boost conversions, the checkout process has to be as simple as possible and devoid of any unnecessary steps, fields and lengthy forms. By entering minimum amount of information the visitor should be able to complete the checkout process.

Allow Visitor to Sign Up as Guest

Making it mandatory to register even before checkout is likely to deter people from considering a purchase. Filling registration forms or compulsion of account creation or signup before or during checkout is something online shoppers hate to do. Checkout as a guest is considered to be one of the best ecommerce practices to help raise conversions. So implement this ‘checkout as a guest’ option into your store and make your visitors feel more convenient to shop online.

Offer Free Shipping

When considering a purchase, visitors always look for shipping details and costs. Studies show that free shipping can motivate people to make a purchase. In fact, a recent survey has shown that around 93% of visitors are motivated to purchase more products when free shipping is included. No wonder, ecommerce giants like Amazon that provide free shipping for orders over certain amount, have very high conversion rate.

Improve Page Load Time

Slow page loading time is considered to be a conversion killer. Studies show that a 1% delay in page response can result in 7% drop in conversion. So a few seconds delay in page response can cause a significant loss in sales in the long run. The point is, load speed matters when it comes to conversion rates. Therefore ensure that your website speed is fast enough to boost conversions.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Having a mobile responsive design can have a positive impact on conversion rate and overall revenue. This is because the number of online shoppers accessing the Web via mobile devices has increased tremendously in recent years. Hence it makes sense to have a mobile responsive ecommerce store.

Offer a Range of Payment Options

There are visitors who do not prefer to order from an ecommerce store because it does not support a particular payment method. So offering multiple payment options will help you reach to more number of customers, in turn enhancing your conversion rates and sales. So apart from credit and debit payment solutions, you can introduce other payment methods like Visa Checkout, MercuryPay, PayPal, by Visa and Google Wallet.

Display Testimonials and Reviews

Positive online reviews and testimonials can play a major role in influencing buying decision. As we all know, online shopper are always looking for some kind of proof or creditability about the quality and usability of products they are purchasing. You can provide the proof by displaying customer testimonials and reviews on your ecommerce site.

Customer testimonials and reviews are nothing but experiences of people who have used your product. They are a powerful tool to earn trust about your products from online shoppers. Testimonials in the form of authentic customer quotes along with the picture of a person or even video testimonials are found to be helpful. So just display them prominently on your ecommerce platformand you can expect an increase in your conversion rate.

On the whole increasing conversion rate is absolutely crucial so to improve sales and make more profit. So make sure you implement the aforementioned ecommerce optimization tips to drive online business growth.