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Advantages of QuickBook Integration with your Business Systems

Blog post   •   Apr 02, 2018 03:40 EDT

Small to medium sized VARs have long been using QuickBooks for their accounting tasks. Information such as accounts payable, accountable receivables, client data etc., is often included in the accounting software. This accounting tool is indeed a blessing for VARs of all sizes as it simplifies the way you handle all your accounts. However, to leverage benefits of QuickBooks, you need to integrate it with your existing systems. QuickBook integrationis the key to improve efficiency across all departments in your organization.

Benefits of Integrating QuickBooks with your Application

No Entering Data 2 to 3 Times

Well, once you receive orders from the customer, via your ecommerce store, many sales reps re-enter data manually in QuickBooks. However, this is absolutely unnecessary if the accounting tool is integrated with your ecommerce system. With QuickBooks integration, you have to enter data just once. Now, with a single click of a button, you can export order data to QuickBooks. Similarly, you can also import data into your application via QuickBooks. This helps to save time and increase productivity of your sales reps.

Drastic Reduction in Errors

QuickBooks integrationeliminates the need to re-enter data multiple times. As a result, it leaves no scope for human errors associated with manual entry of data. Migration of data is now an automated process. Hence, one can definitely say that your sales reps will make fewer mistakes in their work. There will be significantly fewer errors in customer’s QuickBooks Account.

Access Accounting Reports in Real Time

As we all know, QuickBooks accounting reports provide a wealth of information about your business. For instance, accounting reports inform about your business spend and income. Now, if this accounting tool is integrated with your Ecommerce platform, you can get accounting reports in real time, which will enable you make informed decisions that can help to grow your business.