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Blog post   •   Jun 08, 2011 17:23 EDT

Legacy Closing Services provides timeshare and vacation ownership properties transfers throughout the world, whether "right to use", fractional ownership, private residence clubs or points systems usage is involved.

Legacy Closing Services (LCS) was originally formed as a private entity handling in-house transactions for corporate clients throughout the world whose needs required the acquisition of locations for their corporate activities. As a separate entity to handle the procurement of these vacation ownership transactions, Legacy Closing Services was formed.

Whether you are trying to establish the requirements necessary for your transaction or have a simple tax question, LCS will be able to answer your questions. Their services include a trust department, accounting and tax division, legal department and customer service. They will be able to answer your questions thoroughly and competently.

With over 20 years of experience from their staff members, they are the most proficient in their field that you will find. They pride themselves on integrity and professionalism in everything they do.
LCS is very unique as it handles closing services for large corporate clients, marketing firms and clientele who work within the event planning and brokerage industries.

This is a niche that has previously been untapped and not available to the outside client.

Since more and more corporate clients are now seeking assistance to expand their services worldwide, the need for services for rental and sale properties throughout the world became extremely essential.

LCS fills that service. They provide closing services for rental and resale properties worldwide. They are recommended by many event planners and brokers worldwide.

We schedule, coordinate, and administer the closing process with clients and our private network of attorneys and escrow officers to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction. We will review and approve the HUD-1 to ensure compliance with lender instructions and disbursement of all loan proceeds. In order to provide you with the best representation possible, all of the legal aspects of your closing will be handled by state licensed and insured attorneys.
We provide a comprehensive review and examination of the title search by our on-staff attorneys and title professionals to show the current state of title and all conditions to be addressed in order to issue a final title policy. A title commitment is issued on every file in so that we can confirm all mortgages, liens, and encumbrances affecting the subject property, and clear the title.

For borrowers with impound accounts, property taxes are collected monthly with mortgage payments; in this case, the tax service agency's job is to provide the lender with your property tax bills so that they will be paid on time. For borrowers without impound accounts, the mortgage company will often remit any unpaid property taxes on behalf of the homeowner and then bill him or her for the sum, plus penalties and fees.

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