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April Fool's Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Blog post   •   Apr 01, 2016 09:08 EDT

This blog is definitely targeted to a very few select individuals, who are born to prank, and those who want to take their mischievousness to the next level.

Pranks and orneriness are not beneath us at Thrill of the Hunt. In addition to adventure, and riddles and rhymes, we too like to get a little silly, especially if it's creatively done.

April Fool's Scavenger Hunt Challenge Thrill of the Hunt

What's the Challenge?

Instead of having a single day to throw friends and family for a loop, let's elevate it to a scavenger hunt, against others of like interest (jokers) for an entire year. That's right, from April 1, 2016 at 12:00 am EST, to April 1, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST, let the game begin.

Who's Game?


Below outlines a list of challenges. Some are detailed, and some are open to interpretation and the freedom to use complete creativity. The purpose of this scavenger hunt is to simply have fun with a little adventure, and spread the excitement about being involved in the first ever April Fool's Scavenger Hunt.

Each item must be published online, anywhere, and each piece must be viewed by a minimum of 100,000 people (that includes shares, likes, tweets anything to show the circulation- either one or a combination). All pieces must contain a disclaimer somewhere, stating the piece is part of the April Fool's Scavenger Hunt Challenge, along with a link back to this blog page. You have 12 months and 13 challenges to complete. They can be as elaborate or as simple as desired.

  • Twisted Story - Modify a true online article, adding an unbelievable twist
  • Joke Commercial - Create your own commercial joke (the script, video etc must be original and posted online)
  • Fake Photo - Create a fake photo with a person who's deceased, and one who's alive, accompanied by an intriguing caption
  • Oh Snap - Create an article or story, which would draw opinionated responses, yet in the content either contradict the headline or address the idea that people don't read before commenting and sharing
  • Fictional Character - Choose a fictional character (Unicorn, Vampire, Fairy, Zombies, Big Foot etc) and create a realistic interview with the fictitious figure or the figure's representative, discussing the prejudice and discrimination they face, include an image (fake or staged)
  • Gym Hero - Video a workout that is nearly impossible to believe, yet looks realistic (large amount of weights, speed, endurance etc)
  • Party On - Throw a party for a fake person, show, band etc. (Hint: No one knows the focus of the party is fake and the party goers think they're on the cultural in) Additional 20 bonus points if you can get the media to publish or comment on the event
  • Product Reversal - Take any product on the market and create an ad that contradicts it's features and benefits (some or all)
  • Locust Attack - Turn a city or a town, preferably a fictitious one, into a desolate community, caused by locusts (either article, imagery, video)
  • Toothpaste Shortage - Create a story explaining the massive toothpaste shortage, and mention an item to be in short demand soon
  • Reversal Prank - Prank a celebrity, especially one that pranked another in a tasteful way (example: the milkshake shop that Ellen DeGeneres and Adele pranked, pull a similar prank back), Additional 20 bonus points if you can get the media to publish or comment on the event, and another additional 20 bonus points if you can get the celebrity to comment or respond to said prank
  • Going Retro - Bring to light an old popular hoax and recreate it, or bring it to light again to pull the same prank all over again
  • Prank Hijack - Find one of the above pranks created by another person and follow their clues to submit their results before them, with a disclaimer

So what makes this a scavenger hunt? Easy, each piece needs to contain clues leading the viewer to the next clue and the next, within each April Fool's Scavenger Hunt piece. The clues could be subtle and well hidden, or completely obvious. Again, the challenges can be done in any order, and whichever order is established, that will be the order of the clues.

Share with your friends and family to follow along in your April Fool's Scavenger Hunt quest. It's always more fun with friends and family. This portion of the challenge can be addressed after each challenge has reached its maximum popularity, leaving the scavenger hunt portion. That way, the participants will have to sift through similar pranks from others to uncover the correct clue.


  • Each item must be published online, through any portals
  • Each piece must be viewed by a minimum of 100,000 people (that includes shares, likes, tweets anything to show the circulation- either one or a combination)
  • All pieces must contain a disclaimer somewhere, stating the piece is part of the April Fool's Scavenger Hunt, and backlinked to this blog
  • Thrill of the Hunt does not support harming any person or animal in any way, mentally or physically
  • No credit will be awarded if vandalism or breaking the law takes place
  • No bomb scares, no terrorist style pranks, no violence, no guns or knives, no sexual content, no abuse
  • Any participant may work solo or as part of a team
  • Team sizes may contain any number of participants
  • Results should be submitted as they're accomplished (Suggestion: add results to a personal blog, then submit a link or links as the tasks are completed, or simply submit a link to any challenge circulated online)
  • The challenges may be completed in any order
  • No plagiarism is accepted, all pranks and material, including videos, photos and ideas must be original
  • All results must be added to the comments sections of this blog post
  • Each challenge needs some sort of proof, either a link, photos, videos, eye witness account (posted online) or a combination
  • In respect to this year being politically focused and the presidential elections, no political figures are to used in any hoax


For every piece completed meeting the above specifications will receive a point. Any piece that exceeds 500,00 views, shares, likes etc will receive an additional 5 bonus points. Any piece that exceeds 1 million views, shares, likes, tweets will receive an additional 15 bonus points. A few challenges are given addition bonus points, which will be added to the totals as well.


The April Fool's Scavenger Hunt Challenge is ...

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