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Blog post   •   Sep 22, 2010 07:44 EDT

At Attana we aim at improving health in society by helping our customers in their scientific research, whether they are university researchers or pharmaceutical companies developing efficient treatment against severe diseases. However, another way to stay healthy is to eat wisely and exercise, and we Attanians exercise in abundance. For instance, several years in a row Attana has participated in Blodomloppet, a 5 or 10 kilometer race promoting blood donations. It is a nice company event, and most of us enjoy both the running and the following picnic. But some go even further than this one race and participate in several races such as the Midnight race (if you’ve read our latest newsletter you already know that our product manager Karin Elovsson participated in that), a 10K race that takes place in the middle of the city during a wonderful Stockholm summer night, and Stockholm marathon, the biggest race in Sweden both in terms of distance (42 195 meters) and the number of elite runners.

But we do more than running – several of us take the bike to work, even when the distance is as great as 20 kilometers, and others go swimming in Brunnsviken just next to the office foggy September mornings when the water is less than 17 °C and the air a mere 10 ˚C. And if we start talking outdoor activities in general, we have several canoe owners in our ranks, quite a few who participate in ski races, many who go ice skating during the winter and even one who compete in orienteering.

So if you’re out running, biking, swimming, canoeing, sailing, ice skating or skiing in Sweden, there is a rather good chance that you will meet one of us. The latest discussion around the lunch table is about who would like to participate in Stafettvasan, a relay skiing competition…

But sometimes, even though you exercise and eat right and do everything you possibly can to stay healthy, you fall ill, and that’s why we and our customers will never stop chasing answers and trying to find remedies to medical problems. We all want a healthier society, and we all work together to get there.