Availing Your Military Tax Help and Free Tax Preparation Services

Blog post   •   Jan 06, 2010 23:35 EST

Military families often face problems in filing their free efile tax return . Few service personnel know they are eligible for military tax help. The IRS provides special facilities to the armed forces personnel and their families in terms of working out the net payable tax, and how to file it in the correct way. IRS has a whole section to help the individuals serving in the military with their military tax preparation .

Free Military Tax Filing

Through the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program, the IRS provides tax preparation service to the armed forces personnel on base camps within the U.S. and all overseas locations.

They have experience to deal with situations such as:

»Filling up and submitting the military taxes exempt form
» Early retirement issues
» The HERO (Heroes Earned Retirement Opportunities) program facilitating the personnel receiving combat pay in contributing to the IRAs
» Working out IRA as well as other retirement plan contributions
» Re-enlistment activity
» Non-taxable combat pay issues and problems, and working out tax refund anticipation loans
» Military differential pay for reservists on active service and volunteers sent on active service immediately after training
» Economic aid and stimulus packages for serving military families, and
» Tax entitlements as well as benefits for the National Guard members who’ve been on active duty since the last 180 days or more

It’s not mandatory for military family spouses and their dependents to have social security numbers to qualify for the benefits.

Free tax preparation and IRA tax relief for military families

All VITA volunteers can clarify how they qualify for military income tax relief from their retirement accounts. It’s recommended to contact the IRS at 1-800-906-9887 if you need to avail further or specific details. Generally, VITA members and volunteers are available from March, first week, to April 30.