B2B fax solutions in the cloud from Popfax

Blog post   •   Jul 10, 2013 09:43 EDT

Many members of a company often spend a lot of time dealing with fax communication issues and with fax equipment maintenance. If they could devote this time and attention instead to their core business, it would certainly help increase the company’s growth and profitability, and take the business to the next level. By adopting cloud-based B2B fax solutions businesses can automate fax communication right away. Moreover, they can choose flexible pay-as-you-go solutions which can be scaled up or down based on their changing requirements.

The basic benefits of using cloud based online fax solution for your business:

Be sure your faxes are safely sent and  received 24 hours a day, 365 days a  year. Hundreds of thousands of active fax runtimes run smoothly every  day with Popfax.
No more queuing at the fax machine, no busy signals, paper  jam or lost faxes. Your virtual fax number can accept multiple faxes at once.  Popfax user-friendly interfaces make the faxing practical and easy-to-use.
No sensitive information left out on  paper in the open. With Registered Fax option both the content is certified  and the delivery to the recipient is guaranteed.
Fax from anywhere. Send & receive  faxes from computer, tablet or smartphone via internet browser, email or  mobile application for your convenience.
Reduce your costs by up to 80%. No need of fax machine purchasing, repairs  and maintenance. No more toner, paper and expensive phone bills. Pay 0.05EUR  per page sent and receive the unlimited number of faxes for free. 

Get local fax number in one of 23  countries of the world.
Or keep your actual fax number by transferring it to Popfax virtual  fax service.

*cover page
*personalized faxes
*multiple fax sending
*fax reception at multiple email  addresses
*integration using free APIs, etc.
No phone line installation or hardware purchasing. It takes only a few  minutes to get started.Try for free!

If your company is still hesitating over whether to switch from a  traditional fax machine to a cloud-based solution, Popfax encourages you  to do so. There are only advantages to a virtual fax solution. Try our  B2B fax solutions and experience the many benefits it can bring to your  business.

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