Benefits of Incorporating Web-based Quoting Software into VAR Business

Blog post   •   Aug 29, 2017 09:39 EDT

Value added resellers (VARS) need to understand that they cannot afford to waste time in quote creation. As a VAR, Your efforts should be focused more on generating leads and converting them so as to increase sales. This is critical for becoming successful in VAR business. For this to happen, you need to streamline your quoting process.

You need to make your quoting process as flexible as possible in order to notice positive changes in your VAR business. To add flexibility, choose a Web-based quoting software instead of on-premise software. This is because, on-premise version requires you to install and run the quoting software on the computer. As a result, your entire sales staff remains office bound for quoting activity. This means whenever there is a need to create a quote, it becomes mandatory to go to the office.

Remaining tied to the office for quoting work can be a major disadvantage as sales reps are constantly on the move and many times customers want the quote on the spot. In such circumstances, choosing an Online quoting systemis the need of the hour. You are no longer restricted by time and space when you use these online tools for quoting purpose. Just an Internet connection and you get the flexibility to carry on with your quoting activity from anywhere anytime.

Even if the quoting requirement is complex, an online Configure price quote solutionwill allow you to fulfill it using any device. Even mobile devices can be used for creating and managing quotes. These online tools have their own Best mobile sales quoting appthat allow you to use your smartphones and tablets for creating quotes. This will considerably reduce the time and effort required for quote management. You will be able to manage your quoting activity on-the-run which can help you to become more productive and efficient.