Benefits of Using Sales Quoting Software

Blog post   •   Aug 28, 2017 11:08 EDT

Quoting is Easy to Manage

If you want to improve your quoting process, you need to automate it using Sales proposal & quotation software. The biggest advantage of using these software tools is that they bring all the quoting related information at one location. It eliminates the need for disparate systems for quote management that are known to cause widespread organizational inefficiencies. Most importantly, the product-related information is accessible in real time from within the quoting system. As a result, you create accurate quotes that are free from pricing errors.

You Create Quotes that Reflect your Brand

Another advantage is that you can create a customized quoting template that exactly fits your brand and style. Sales quoting softwareenables you to give a consistent look and feel for every quote that you submit to the customers. The software tool can actually help you to build your brand as it is tailored to your business. When you send good-looking tailor-made quotes, it puts a very good impression on the customer, which can dramatically improve your chances of winning the deal.

Integrated with Payment Gateways

With these software tools, accepting payments has never become so easy before. Most Online Sales Quoting Systemsavailable today are connected with online payment gateways like PayPal and authorize.net, which means you can collect money for your quote online. So with integrated payment gateways, customers can take the advantage of hassle-free payment process and use payment methods like credit/debit cards and bank-based payments like direct debit and bank transfer to pay for their quote.

Quote on Mobile Devices

The Best mobile sales quoting app have beendesigned to enable you to handle quoting job on mobile devices. Using this app, you can conveniently create quotes on smartphones and tablets. This means, you no longer have to depend on desktops and laptops to manage your quoting tasks. Just use your Internet-enabled mobile devices to manage all your quoting-related activity from anywhere and at any time.