Best PoE Guide Of Endgame Bosses And Encounters

Blog post   •   Mar 11, 2018 21:54 EDT

In Path of Exile, there has been a huge increase in the amount of players. You will pose a tremendous challenge if you haven't played an ARPG before, therefore, a good guide is important for collectors of path of exile currency. The following is a guide of strongest endgame bosses and encounters.

1. Uber Izaro: Izaro is the boss of Lord's Labyrinth and Uber Izaro is the strongest one, located in Eternal Labyrinth. To get all ascendancy skill points for your character, you have to complete all 4 labyrinth difficulties once. A lot of people like to continue doing Eternal Labyrinth for chest rewards and helmet enchantments because doing Eternal Labyrinth can be extremely profitable, especially at the beginning of new challenge leagues.

2. Atziri, Queen of The Vaal: Atziri is an endgame boss that can be accessed by combining 4 different Vaal sacrifice fragments in the map device. Doing so will open 6 portals to Apex of Sacrifice where she's located. Before facing Atziri, you will have to go through some monsters and mini-bosses until you finally get to her.

3. The Pale Court: The Pale Court is a boss encounter that you can get to through prophecy chains. There are 4 prophecy chains associated with The Pale Court and when you get to the last prophecy of the chain, you have to kill one of the four members of the Pale court. When combined in the map device, these fragments open portal to the Pale court where you have to face all 4 Pale Court members together in a tougher encounter.

4. Guardians of The Void: Technically Guardians of The Void are map bosses, but they are much stronger than any other map bosses in the game and have unique drops associated with them. There are 4 guardians of the void, each is boss for different map. Each guardian always drops their fragment upon death and has a chance to drop some unique items specific to each guardian.

5. The Shaper: The Shaper is one of the strongest bosses in the game. To fight him, you need to combine Fragment of The Hydra, Fragment of The Minotaur, Fragment of The Chimera and Fragment of The Phoenix in the map device and 6 portals will open to Shaper's Realm. The fight consists of several phases that change when you get Shaper to specific hp levels.

6. The Elder and his guardians: Elder and his guardians are some of the newest endgame bosses added to the game. To fight them, you have to spread Elder's influence on the Atlas until he and his guardians occupy some maps. Then you have to kill 4 guardians first and then you can attempt to fight Elder.

7. Breachlords: Breachlords are 5 endgame bosses that were added to the game with Breach challenge league. You can face them when you combine 100 splinters of the given breachlord to create breachstone of the corresponding splinters. When breachstone is used in map device, it opens portals to given breachlord's domain where you can kill him. Each breachlord can drop blessings that are used to upgrade some unique path of exile items and also has some specific unique item drops associated with him.