Black Ops 3 runs better on PS4 than Xbox One(3)

Blog post   •   Jul 25, 2016 20:39 EDT

On average, the PS4 edition ran at 51fps, when compared with 49fps on Xbox One. "From our sample, around 15 percent from the video output includes dropped frames around the Sony console,(Buy cheap RS gold(RS 3 Gold,OSRS Gold),We will give you a good price.)rising close to 18 percent on Xbox One," Digital Foundry explained.During one particularly intensive scene within the No Man's Land chapter, involving a shootout, the PS4 edition mostly held steady at 60fps. 

However, the Xbox One version "frequently struggles to increase above 35-45fps," the website said, noting that frame rate within this particular scene dropped right down to 28fps at some point.Note again that Digital Foundry's technical analysis looked in the Black Ops III campaign, not the multiplayer mode, which some consider to become the franchise's overall meat and potatoes.

Be sure to read Digital Foundry's full technical assessment to find out more.An earlier Digital Foundry analysis of some other big game, Fallout 4, found it, too, performed slightly better on PS4 than Xbox One.Black Ops III launched on November 6 and total global sales during comparable periods "rose significantly" over Advanced Warfare and Ghosts. In all, Black Ops III generated $550 million in the first 72 hours.For more about Black Ops III, take a look at GameSpot's review and the other critics say