BladeSoulGold Blade & Soul Gold Mini FAQ

Blog post   •   Dec 07, 2015 01:48 EST

How will the gold be delivered?

We have 3 delivery methods available.

Face to face ingame trade, Mail & Auction House.

How quickly are you able to deliver my Blade & Soul Gold?

We maintain our blade & soul gold stock level at 300K. We can usually deliver within 5-15minutes depending on how busy the site is. On rare cases, if we are overbooked, please allow up to 24 hours for the delivery. You will also increase your order amount if the delivery did not happen in the expected timeframe.

I find a site offers cheaper blade and soul gold, do you do price math?

Yes if reasonable. If we think the competition you find practices a legal and respectable business.

We will offer price matching. We will not price match those who we think do unethical business.

Important Note:

BladeSoulGold will never ask you to return your blade & soul gold in game.

We will always ask you to come on the Live Chat or email support to discuss any issue. Do not give away your currency to someone claiming to be BladeSoulGold.