CeyHello- This Pill Reminder App Could Finally Get People to Take Their Medicine

Blog post   •   May 12, 2016 10:55 EDT

Do you get worried when your loved one forgets to take their medications on time or when they aren’t able to take the right dose? It is one of the most painful feelings ever that many of us are experiencing these days. Though we try our best to help them stick to their medication plan by calling them, or sending text messages or putting reminders on the walls of their room, but still people forget to take their prescribed pills on time.

CeyHello - The Pill Dispenser App

To help patients manage their medication plans, and also people like you who manage their family’s medication plan, we have a new, easy and effective pill dispenser app, known as CeyHello. This pill reminder app focuses on motivating patients with chronic conditions to take their medications, regularly, at the right time. With CeyHello, family members can personalize their medicine reminders by connecting to loved ones online via a secure “Care Circle” and sending image and audio clips called “Moticon” (or Motivational Icons) as medication reminders. This unique peer-to-peer sharing bridges the gap between families living far away from each other and delivers a platform where they can securely share their favorite moments as personalized reminders.

At CeyHello, we believe that pill reminder app is not just about sending reminders after reminders to the patient, it is who send the reminder and how it is send. This pill dispenser app is your complete medication management. Starting from medication reminders to effective reporting tools to online health records, CeyHello delivers all aspects of medication management over mobile and web for patients, caregivers, care managers and healthcare providers.

Attach Moticons with Medication Reminders

Motivation is critical when you have to stick to the long or complex medication regimen typical of a chronic illness. CeyHello adds a new dimension to medication management for chronic illnesses by connecting caregivers with patients and bringing a healing human touch that motivates patients to adhere to their medication plans at all times, leading to a better life.We motivate through moticons. Moticons are audio-visual clips that you can attach to any medicine reminder, and they will make you and your loved ones smile each time you see them.

More importantly, CeyHello can speak to you in your individual language, which will make your experience with this platform even more personal. And above all, this pill dispenser app is FREE to use. You can easily download it on Google Play or The App Store.