Common Questions And Answers In Path Of Exile

Blog post   •   Apr 14, 2018 04:10 EDT

In Path of Exile, are you a new player? If you are, now is a good opportunity to let you go further. The following questions you may don't know, so after reading this article seriously, you will have a lot to gain. Meanwhile, don't forget buy poe currency cheap if you lack of currency in game.

1. If I invest on a build, is it possible to regain all the skill points to try different builds for the same class?

You can respec points. During storyline you will earn enough to fix like third of your points. You also can buy Regret Orbs from players, each of them allow you to respec one skill point. Also, I'd suggest you to not respec "screwed" builds. Just create new character. Especially if you like this game. It's easy\fun to lvl new one, when you learning.

I'd suggest to try make your own skill-tree and chose main skill and supports for it. Than try it in game. Do it in programm called "Path of Building". After you realize that you don't understand alot of things - search for builds on u4gm and try them. With time you will learn how to build.

2. Is it possible to create more classes for one user account?

You can create like 20 or more characters on one account for free. I don't think you'll need more, since you can just delete old characters. Most of people playing on Temporal (3 months) leagues. After them characters went to standard league. You just create new character when new league start and having fun with other players in fresh economy.

3. Is trial and error motivated in game?

The learning curve is indeed very steep. Trial and error is a solid way to play if you don't mind getting twenty hours in and finding that your character is garbage. If you're okay with that, I'd strongly recommend you do at least one run without following a build guide just so you can learn the game. That way when you do start following build guides, you'll have a better understanding of the reasoning behind the guide.

4. Community seems nice, but the game does not look new player friendly to me. Is it a good time to start?

Community is nice. You can ask for help in /global 1 chat in game and usually people will unswer you. This is pretty good time to start. We have few new bugs, but all of them deep in the end game, so you will not find them.

5. Any Asian based servers?

I think China have separate "Asian" server. And game have many different realms. You enter through Japan or whatever. And you only meet this people in city. And global chat is separated by languages (can be changed in UI options). But still it is possible to trade with other realms, if you find a nickname (as example through community-trade site like "poe.trade").