Mike Wilson

Cost-Effective Clinical Documentation Management By Indigenous Companies With Strong Infrastructure

Blog post   •   Jul 25, 2016 00:28 EDT

Indigenous private companies provide the clinical documentation management services to physicians with various options for transcription and also the partial dictation all of which are aimed at providing low-cost Meaningful Use of the data.

Healthcare service providers, that is, the physicians are constantly in the face of challenges to provide better and more effective care with increasing pressures of finding newer treatment plans. This progressively keeps adding pressure to the way that they perform often making the task of documentation, especially billing a complicated affair. Technology, however, is also continually evolving and has given the practitioners much scope of using the services of the transcription and other related help. These aim to reduce their level of stress significantly while also taking care of the revenue returns with the proper billing codification and verification.

All-round documentation for Meaningful Use

The first step in the process is, of course, the clinical documentation management by way of providing the full transcription services with quick turnaround of a day. The files are then seamlessly integrated with the existing EMR-HER of the client making use of the most advanced technology. There is also the provision of the partial dictation with the help of the DRT that makes the job easier for the physician and also reduces the transcription costs while maintaining the accurate records of the patient in the tabular form. The ultimate aim of the documentation is to facilitate the Meaningful Use of the documents that are also made available for the health information exchange.

For effective revenue collection

While providing the services, the billing part remains one of the most neglected aspects in the physicians’ offices. This is where the professional Medical Billing Services of the companies providing the transcription facilities come in handy. There is the complete professional approach by which each document is electronically checked and scanned at the physicians’ office and then stored in the central documentation system of the service provider’s cloud-based system. The documents are further verified against each patient’s records before being sent to the insurance companies for the payment.

Better returns at lower costs

This is a past of the cost effective billing service that these providers bring to help the busy physicians to counter the problem of the downward spiraling of the revenue returns. In fact, statistics have shown that incorrect codification and billing results in the physicians leaving back a large chunk of the revenue on the table. There is also the facility of the Credentialing that these companies provide where they work with the physicians to check on the insurance companies that are most commonly used in the area and then work on the documents to raise the bills with them. Such services are available at hourly rates or a fixed monthly cost.

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