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Custom Scavenger Hunt Video

Blog post   •   Jan 23, 2017 10:07 EST

Custom Scavenger Hunt Video

Thrill of the Hunt has given examples, suggestions, and ideas for all types of scavenger hunts and activities. We're certainly at no shortage of scavenger hunt possibilities. However, we've never presented a scavenger hunt in motion, until now.

Below is a video showing a custom scavenger hunt done for a teenager, my nephew, Kyle. Take a peek at the past post, Original Scavenger Hunt Ideas for a Teen, for a refresher of the clues and challenges and why certain items were incorporated. This video compilation serves several purposes. It shows pieces of the scavenger hunt as it unfolded to give you ideas and to show how one scavenger hunt progresses. This video was also used to show friends and family Kyle's Christmas, plus it's a great keepsake for him.

The Christmas Scavenger Hunt is one particular gift giving scavenger hunt and is naturally focused on Christmas, but it can certainly be appropriated to any holiday or special occasion. This is a great idea to present several gifts, gift cards or simply to jazz up the gift giving process. It's perfect for teenagers.

It's neat to see Kyle's reactions and his surprise to the scavenger hunt awaiting him under the Christmas tree before he even began. It was even better when he realized his gifts were hidden within a scavenger hunt. It's those little extra touches, kids truly remember and talk about.

Grab a hot tea or a cup of java, kick up your feet, and enjoy this video. It's a ...

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