Delight Your Customers with Custom Stickers and Presentation Folders

Blog post   •   Mar 13, 2012 19:22 EDT

Last day I was just sitting by my room’s window, my servant entered into the room and gave me an envelope which was sent by my print partner, I had the idea who is the sender by company logo that was printed on the outside of that envelop. I was surprised but delighted as I opened it because it was just a note from the printing company (PrintingHost.Com) on behalf of company owner, and I felt pleasure to see this one because it reminds me not only all about the company, their directors, designers and printers as well. But the most appealing thing was; I thought it would be more effective to remind our customers that they are special for us via such type of letters and updates. Things and letters send in the printed wrapper like custom stickers/product labels, envelop and even in business folders can be alive for very long in their minds.

I really appreciated their effort to write me and you will also surprised it was just an update from the company about their printing services but it gave an idea to make strong relation with my customers. The text was just of three lines. “Hi! Hopefully you are Good and enjoying your happy time with your family. The purpose of this letter is to inform you about our new discount offer. We have added free designing and free lamination for our new printing orders. Now you can place your printing order for custom stickers, business folders, Carbonless forms, business cards and more with free lamination and free designing with as usual free home delivery.

No doubt this was a promotional or advertising message but it have a great pleasuring affect on me rather than bad and convince me again to engage their printing services for the next season for my stickers printing needs. And after dropping E-mail about required information for the procedure to them, I thought it is best to keep in touch with our major and loyal customers via, e-mail, letter or even sending best wishes on special events. It may take a little cost but it will set you impact as more punctual and dedicated business owner and loving to his customers. This will make you popular among your customers and they will never want to leave you or move to get the same product or services from the others.

So now I have decided to get folders printing to give company details to the survey teams and government departs for tax and tariff record maintaining. Give pleasure to your customer with good business or product management, create a center of attention by placing full color stickers, product labels on the products/walls, doors and even on your vehicles, send them your updates in company custom folders, envelops and letters. Give them your message on your bumper stickers and let them know entirely about you and your manufactured goods and show your love to them through different banners and posters on special events. This will increase you sale and expand your marketing area over night.

At the end of this text, I want to discuss one more thing with all of you my lovely fellows and regulars, When I discussed this thing to the same printing company (PrintingHost.Com), they suggest me to use business pocket folders for business documents to send my all detail in a single place to the concerned departments, give the products in the printed shopping bags and envelops, give the bills on a specially printed invoices and carbonless forms, use wall stickers and custom stickers for the remaining purposes. And I am sure they will be the next mean to attract more attention and give the message to others silently. About custom stickers, window decals and bumper stickers I know very well, they are really a great source of message transmission.