Dengue Symptoms and Causes

Blog post   •   Feb 02, 2011 06:41 EST

The disease dengue occurs due to the viruses carried by mosquitoes. Dengue is a category of acute illness. A person can immediately fall sick after an infected mosquito bites him/her. After an infection, the person with a high fever, headaches, severe muscle pain and pain in the joints. He will also suffer with a rash after three to four days of the fever. He can suffer with the infection for at least ten days; however, he can get a complete recovery after one month. The dengue symptoms will also add an infection in the throat, bleeding from the gums and redness in the eyes and pain. The main thing due to which the disease occurs is mosquito bite and the person who has a low level of immunity generally suffers with the infection. The illness occurs in the tropics and subtropics. The countries like Cuba, Central America, Virgin Islands, Caribbean, the US have recently faced the outbreaks of dengue. In the US in 2009, the disease occurred in outbreaks.

The dengue fever transpires by four of the dengue virus DEN-1, DEN2, 3 and 4. The mosquito that spread the disease is named as Aedes aegypti. As per the medical science, there are four different serotypes of this virus, which creates main causes of dengue. The World Health Organization has categorized the disease into two different kinds, uncomplicated type and severe type. It has been said that if one person has suffers with the disease once, he can develop immunity against it. However, the people staying in groups can suffer together if one of them is infected. Generally, the places near to home, where there can be waterlogging, dengue fever can spread. It can also spread through other compost where dengue mosquito can occur. The serious form of dengue is dengue shock syndrome where the blood vessels can completely damaged due to the infection. The disease can be severe in children.

The physical experts go for a treatment after a proper diagnosis before a treatment. The exams and tests can show rashes, red throat and an enlargement in liver, swelling in the glands and low blood pressure. They test the liver enzymes, platelet count, arterial blood gases, coagulation studies etc to understand the patient’s condition. An X-ray, tourniquet test can also be done. The treatment for dengue includes antibiotics, intravenous medications or IV fluids and electrolytes. They give the medications to make a balance in the immunity. Oxygen therapy may also be required to maintain the level of oxygen. The medical expert will also suggest having a complete rest and treating the dehydration that has occurred due to the disease.

The best thing to control the disease is to stop the spread of the disease is killing the mosquitoes. One should keep the surrounded area clean. There are many kinds of medicines that can be used as sprays to kill the mosquitoes in the places where water logging can happen. The places inside the house should also be kept clean. One should use mosquito nets while sleeping, put net on the windows. The things like air conditions, flowerpots etc where water can be logged should be kept clean. One should use mosquito repellants that has allerthrins. Rice gruel, porridge and fruit are also good home remedies for dengue.


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