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Do B2B Buyers need Level 2 PunchOut Functionality?

Blog post   •   Feb 21, 2017 08:26 EST

As a B2B buyer, you have already started using PunchOut provided by your supplier, which has simplified and streamlined your purchasing order. However, you are wondering whether it is necessary to use level 2 (L2) PunchOut.

Well, it all depends on your business process and how frequently you are using PunchOut catalog. More importantly, ‘are you accessing ‘more than one’ or multiple PunchOut catalogs’. This situation will arise when you are doing business with multiple suppliers. Say, when you want to buy HP Pavilion Laptop, it becomes mandatory for you to open each PunchOut link and then browse through the catalog to locate the product. However, if you want to eliminate this time-taking process, and are looking for a feature that takes you to the right catalog, go for a level 2 PunchOut.

Level 2 SciQuest PunchOutcomes with enhanced search capabilities that allows you to find the product from the procurement system itself. You don’t have to click any PunchOut link and navigate through the different catalogs in order to access the product. Now the search feature of procurement system can be used to search the desired product across all suppliers. So any specific content, be it product name/category/sub-category can be accessed directly through procurement search screen. Even if you enter just the SKU in the search box, you will be taken directly to the product. Thus for faster product search, it is advised to use level 2 PunchOut.

It is observed that occasional users tend to prefer level 1 SAP PunchOut, while the frequent users who cannot afford to lose time in finding the right product, go for the level 2 PunchOut that makes it easier to search items. No wonder, this functionality has shown to improve sales. On the whole, if you are dealing with just one supplier and carry out transactions occasionally, go for level 1 PunchOut catalog.