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Dog Scavenger Hunt, New Hope, PA

Blog post   •   Oct 05, 2016 11:55 EDT

Dog Scavenger Hunt, New Hope, PA

Thrill of the Hunt hosted our 3rd Annual Doggie in Disguise Scavenger Hunt in New Hope, Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 1, 2016. Yes, this scavenger hunt is almost as old as Thrill of the Hunt!


How did it go?

Excellent! I'm sure many thought it would be a miserable rainy day, however it wasn't. The rain held off and presented us with a slightly brisk morning, perfect for walking around in costume, moving throughout the historic area tackling clues, completing challenges and posting to social media.

This Halloween themed scavenger hunt, was an opportunity to be creative with the dogs and have fun by dressing them in costume. The participants we're welcomed to join the festivities by sporting a Halloween costume too, if desired.

Why New Hope?

Besides being a very dog friendly shopping area, New Hope is a quaint and historic part of Buck's Country, Pennsylvania, across the Delaware River from Lambertville, New Jersey. It's an easy location to access, and the neighborhood and shops are always very welcoming to Thrill of the Hunt and our events.

Next Year?

Thrill of the Hunt is already in the planning stages for the 2017 season. We'll most certainly bring our dog scavenger hunt to New Hope again. However, to try and avoid the rain and cold weather, Thrill of the Hunt is looking into pushing up the scavenger hunt to the end of September or maybe even May. Check back for finalized details.

Remember, one of the fun aspects of the dog scavenger hunt, is the mingling with other dogs and dog owners, however you can attend a dog scavenger hunt without your pooch. Really?

Yes, purchase your dog a ticket, but you don't have to bring him/her along. Why would anyone opt to do this? Some dogs are difficult to control in public, especially around a bunch of strangers and other dogs. Some dogs aren't friendly at all. Just because you can't bring your dog on the adventure, doesn't mean he/she has to miss out on dog treats, toys, and dog related items. Plus, many of our sponsors offer information on dog health and best practices.

New Hope Police Thank You!


The dog scavenger hunt takes place all throughout the shopping district of New Hope, but our registration is located at 125 New Street, the New Hope Police Department. Every year, Thrill of the Hunt is granted permission to utilize their grounds for our registration table to execute our dog scavenger hunts. The police department is very accommodating to our request and welcoming toward our participants. Actually, that's an understatement. They are more than respectful in nature.

Each and every time Thrill of the Hunt has been in New Hope for our dog scavenger hunts, someone from the police station stops by our registration table to check in on us. I don't mean a simple "How are things going?" Nope. They go above and way beyond pleasantries. With all sincerity, we're asked if there's anything they can get us. We've been offered coffee, water, a breakfast sandwich etc. The warmest part? They truly mean it. In the past, they've supplied quarters to our meters, and have always asked to assist with setup. What a great group!

On behalf of Thrill of the Hunt, thank you so very much! We're very appreciative for your kindness and sincerity. It means a lot to us and our participants.

Join our adventure ...

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