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Dog Scavenger Hunt, Pittsburgh, PA

Blog post   •   Oct 12, 2016 09:35 EDT

Dog Scavenger Hunt, Pittsburgh, PA

Thrill of the Hunt hosted our 3rd Annual Doggie in Disguise Scavenger Hunt in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, October 8, 2016.


Believe it or not, the Pittsburgh dog scavenger hunt was our first dog event ever, way back in 2013. It was actually a spring event, which took place in June. Since then, we've moved the event to October to kick off Halloween early and to combat the heat that sometimes accompanies June.

How did it go?

Excellent! It started out as a chilly rainy day, but as soon as the scavenger hunt begun, the rain subsided. The sun even tried to make its appearance. Although, for Pittsburgh weather, it was pretty standard. The temperature was mild to slightly chilly, perfect for walking around in costume and moving through the quaint Shadyside streets tackling clues, completing challenges and posting to social media.

This Halloween themed scavenger hunt, was an opportunity to be creative with the dogs and have fun by dressing them in costume. The participants, including families we’re welcomed to join the festivities by sporting a Halloween costume too. Many did!


Why Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is our hometown. Technically, Thrill of the Hunt is headquartered in Latrobe, however Pittsburgh is our backyard and our roots run deep in this area. We may have an orange and black appearance, (Latrobe colors) we bleed black and gold (Pittsburgh Steelers).

Shadyside is a very dog friendly community and a great area for events. In fact, the Shadyside Chamber of Commerce allows us to use their Parklet for our events and has always supported Thrill of the Hunt. Not to mention, they're very easy to work with.

Thrill of the Hunt always gives the Shadyside Chamber 2 FREE dog scavenger hunt tickets to give away every year. Keep your eyes peeled for our next event, so you can be the first to snap those up.

Thanks Tori Mistick for all your efforts and working with Thrill of the Hunt to bring our events to Pittsburgh. You're the best!

Next Year?

Thrill of the Hunt is already in the planning stages for the 2017 season. We’ll most certainly bring our dog scavenger hunt back to Pittsburgh, in addition to our other dog friendly areas throughout the United States. When?

We would love to avoid the rain and cold weather, but that's pretty standard for our area during this time of the year. Thrill of the Hunt will try and keep this event to the front end of October to sidestep unfavorable weather. Check back with our Events page for details.


No Dog?

One of the fun aspects of the dog scavenger hunt, is the mingling with other dogs and dog owners, however you can attend a dog scavenger hunt without your pooch. Really?

Purchase your dog a ticket, however you don’t have to bring him/her along. Why would anyone opt to do this? Some dogs are difficult to control in public, especially around large crowds of strangers and foreign dogs. Some dogs aren’t friendly at all. Just because you can’t bring your dog on the adventure, doesn’t mean he/she has to miss out on the dog treats, toys, and dog related items. Plus, many of our sponsors offer information on dog health and best practices that would benefit you and your pooch.

How Do I Participate in the Challenges Without a Dog?

Thrill to the Hunt suggests being creative. Bring a picture of your dog, a poster sized drawing of your 4-legged friend, or a stuffed animal to be used as a place holder for your pooch to complete the social challenges. If you really wanted to feel as though you're walking around with your dog, get one of those toys that have a leash to appear as those you're walking your dog. Weird? Not really, we call it creative!


Animal Rescue League!

This year the Animal Rescue League donated doggie book bags full of items to our event. What a nice and very much appreciated gesture!

In fact, Thrill of the Hunt and the Animal Rescue League briefly discussed the idea of teaming up next year. This is an idea that's being tossed around, and one I hope to make into a reality.

On behalf of Thrill of the Hunt and our participants, thank you so much!

Join our adventures and be apart of building the newest craze of scavenger hunts and dog activities! I hope to see you next year! Check out our Events!

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