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Don’t Tread On My Turf; Politicians Need To Butt Out of the Courtoom

Blog post   •   Oct 12, 2012 17:33 EDT

The rule of law is the rule of law is the rule of law.

I am repeating this because the message is just not getting through. This country was built on a system which held the rule of law in the highest regard and protected our judicial system.

That is what I learned in 8th grade civics class, anyway.

Whatever issues I might have with our political process and the ways influence can be garnered, with a few exceptions judges have been allowed to focus on the law and nothing else.

Yet again and again the judicial branch is being brought down into the muck, by both politicians and big business, without any hint of shame or contempt. It is seen now as another commodity which can be used to exert power by the brokers who seek to impose their will.

Cases of partisan ideology being brought into legal issues are popping up with alarming frequency. It happened in Illinoisit is happening in Iowa, and now it is the case here in Florida as well.

In this case it is the Republican Party of Florida which is trying to have its way in the courtroom. If it was the Democrats who were meddling, I would be just as opposed.

The RPOF voted to oppose the merit retention of three Florida Supreme Court Justices. Why? Their statement is brief and and extremely vague, and claims there is extensive ‘evidence of judicial activism’, yet cites just one case where these judges voted to set aside a death penalty case.

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