Enhancing Customer Experience for Online Shoppers

Blog post   •   Feb 06, 2017 06:56 EST

Ecommerce is a revenue generating trend that’s here to stay for a long time. However, giving a customer experience that your online shoppers don’t enjoy will actually kill your online business. Shopping online should never be stressful for your buyers. Following are some helpful tips that can help you to provide a better experience to your customers

No Difficult or Lengthy Checkout

If you want to prevent shopping cart abandonment and increase conversions, adopting a simple checkout process for your ecommerce platformis a must. So whether the visitor is a guest or registered user, ensure that your checkout process is an enjoyable experience. It should be easy and straightforward, thereby making it convenient for buyers to shop online. Easy login and checkout can go a long way in making your customers happy.

Provide an Exclusive Personalized Shopping Experience

Offer personalized recommendations by presenting relevant products depending upon the customer’s purchasing history. So analyze order and browsing habits of your customer and accordingly recommend products they might like. Also, there are quite a few ecommerce softwaretools that can you to automate post purchase email campaigns and connect with the customer in a more meaningful manner

Ensure a Great Mobile Shopping Experience

In order to drive mobile conversion rates, it is essential that your mobile friendly ecommerce storehas all the features that make buying a pleasant experience. For instance, you need to simplify navigation making it easier to reach different features of your site. So whether it is browsing from one page to another or finding the search box, it should be a hassle-free experience. Make sure the product image size is appropriate for mobile devices. Page loading time is another aspect of a site’s user experience. A mobile site that is loading too slowly is likely to drive your customers away. So increasing the page load time is necessary to provide a better customer experience.