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Expedite your Quote to Sale Process with Online Quoting Software

Blog post   •   Jan 20, 2017 11:12 EST

There are a range of sales quoting tools available that boast of simplifying the quoting process. However, if you are really serious about closing deals faster, choose a web-based tool. These tools are available online and you can access them without the need for any tedious installation of software programs. So the question of maintenance and upgrades or use of specialized hardware does not occur when you prefer an online sales quotingsoftware.

Why to use a Web Quoting System

  • One of the biggest advantage of using a web quotation softwareis that you only need an Internet connection to your computer to operate the tool. You can manage your quoting process from anywhere using these online tools, provided your pc is connected to the Internet.
  • From browsing your product catalog to create a quote, to generating a purchasing order (PO) and sending to the distributor, everything can be done from anywhere with these online quoting systems.
  • Moreover, you can prepare attractive, professional quotes from your smartphones and tablets as a mobile quoting appof online quoting tools are available. This enables you to access the quoting solution from any mobile device and create quotes on the go.
  • So with just an internet access to your device, the tools lets you generate quotes irrespective of the location where you are. So sitting by the pool side or right into the comfort and privacy of your home, you can do flawless quoting.
  • Getting quote approvals is no longer a headache and can be done without any tedious faxing formalities. The customer only has to view and confirm the quote online using electronic signatures. This can help to substantially increase your quote approval rate.

So change the way you do your business with these online quoting tools. They can drastically reduce your sales cycle, dramatically enhance your productivity and enable you respond to clients at anytime from anywhere.