Fashionably Functional Accessories

Blog post   •   Oct 03, 2011 08:20 EDT

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I love my accessories. Nothing puts together or even saves an outfit like a fabulous handbag or a killer pair of shoes. But I take my passion for accessories one step further, because I especially adore what I like to call the “functional accessories”. Not just any laptop case covers my computer, but a beautiful pebbled grain leather one. And I would never toss my makeup into my handbag – it stays meticulously organized (for the most part…) in fun cosmetics cases. My keys are even attached to a bright orange ostrich key chain.I understand how utterly ridiculous this may sound, but I’ve found that the little things make such a difference with my overall look and feel. Here are a few of my favorite functional accessories –enjoy! Anna.

1. Johnny Farah iPad Cover – I love how chic and sophisticated these leather and canvas iPad covers are.


2. Carry On Weekend Bag- I firmly believe in investing in good, elegant, luggage.Nothing with “LV”s that just beg to be snatched from you at an airport, but a classic leather bag like this never goes out of style.


3. Custom Made Ostrich Key Ring – I understand that it is just a key ring. However, you use your keys everyday, and I must say I appreciate staring at this beautiful key ring everyday.Not to mention it is big enough to fit around your wrist, which is perfect for running casual errands. And I will admit, that the rate at which I lose my keys has greatly decreased since making this purchase.


4. Hand Embroidered Travel Bags- These are perfect for organizing your lingerie or protecting your shes (since I manage to always lose the bags the shoes come in).  I never travel without these!


5. Pebbled Grain Leather iPad andLaptop Case – Made with the same leather as the weekend bag, these cases are about as classic and lovely as they come.

6. Python Pouch – The hippest way to carry your phone! And there’s probably less of a chance you will lose it with colorful pouch.

 7. Gold & White Makeup Case – I love organizing my makeup with these glamorous cosmetic cases.