Features Most Appreciated in a Sales Quoting Software

Blog post   •   Aug 17, 2017 10:55 EDT

Integrated with Multiple Distributors

In order to quickly put together a quote, it is necessary that the product information coming from multiple distributors is pulled into the quoting system. Companies that provide IT product quoting softwarehave partnership with some of the major distributors. This enables companies to connect distributor catalogs with their quoting tools. To be more precise, the product catalogs from different distributors are combined to form a single catalog, which is then integrated with the quoting software. The integration ensures that product details such as pricing, Manufacturer and Distributor name, and availability are accessible from within the quoting tool.

Built-in Product Search Functionality

Now the distributor catalog connected to the Sales quoting softwarewill contain thousands of products. Browsing through these large number of products to get the right one can be a time-consuming task. So in order to simplify the product search process, the tool comes with a sophisticated search engine. Just enter the Search criteria in the engine and the required products are displayed in seconds on the screen. So the powerful search engine ensures that the finding the right product is incredibly simple.

Real Time Pricing & Inventory

Some of the companies have real time XML integration with major IT product distributors like Ingram Micro, TechData, Synnex, Digitek and D&H. As a result, the product details from these distributors are available in real time. So pricing and availability status, crucial while creating quotes can be accessed in real time from within the quoting tool.

Mobile Sales Quoting App

This is one of the best features that add a great amount of convenience for sales reps on the go. Companies that have designed online quoting tools have also developed Best mobile sales quoting apps. These apps not only take your quoting activity online but also enable you to handle your quoting task from anywhere and at any time.