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Few Tips on Assembling and Dismantling Bouncy Castle

Blog post   •   Apr 27, 2013 07:53 EDT

Today, inflatables are not only rented for events and occasions, they are used to add a spark to a small Saturday or Sunday evening parties. Amongst all the units, bounce houses are one of the most popular units and these are best for installing at your residence. When installing a bounce house at your home, it is very important to follow the bouncy castle manufacturer instructions about assemble and dismantle of the same. Obviously, it won't be possible for you to appoint an installer each time you decide to jump on the fluffy playground. If handled improperly, the bouncy castles might be damaged and it might even harm you as well. A responsible hirer will always inform you about the pros and cons of using the same. Here are some points to follow when dismantling or assembling jumping castles,

  • Make sure that enough helpers are there when dismantle or assemble the inflatable.
  • Ensure that you don’t stand or sit when inflating the bouncy castle.
  • Before inflating and deflating the bounce house, make sure that all users stay at minimum distance of two meters.
  • The debris on the ground should be cleaned properly so that the bouncy castle does not leak after installation.
  • Remember to lay a carpet on the concrete slab before installing the one.
  • Leave the bounce house to deflate at least for ten minutes.
  • Before starting to roll, ensure that majority of the air has escaped.
  • Pack the inflatable when it is dry completely.
  • Turn off the fan and see that none of them comes into contact with the hot parts of the fan.

A responsible bouncy castle Sale company will give a guidebook along with the delivery of the inflatable unit and shall make sure that everything is done safely. They might also help you in free installation services. To know more about them you can browse through their website.

While looking for a responsible inflatable unit hirer, make sure that they are licensed and supply tested air-filled party entertainers to all. Those who are the members of reputed quality control boards will definitely display it in the homepage. A lot of companies offer party packages too, which may help you to organize a party without being worried about the foods, decorations, so on and so forth. However, before picking the bouncy castle company, ensure that you have compared the prices with other companies.

If you are looking for an assistance or from a bouncy castle manufacturer company, you can visit .