FFXIV Patch 5.2: Best Healing Class Tier List

Blog post   •   Mar 24, 2020 23:39 EDT

If you are new to Final Fantasy XIV or just want to order White Mage, Astrologian or Scholar for you, this is the right place! In this guide, we will introduce the basics of each healing category and their current status through the layer list of the 5.21 patch of FF14 on PC and PS4.

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are now three types of therapists available, with different spells and play styles. If you're confused about what is currently best for everyday use, or just the best for you, this guide is all you need.

Our ranking will be based on the personal experience of the author (ie me):

  • Daily and casual usage
  • How hard is the class to play as a beginner
  • Fun

This level list will not be based on the use of new raids and brutal content, as we may write a special endgame level list in the future!

Healers Tier List for 5.21

White Mage

White Mage is accessible from the first level of the magician level. This is a very straightforward effort, focusing on keeping everyone healthy using "effect zone" healing and overtime regeneration. Mage White is also very good at providing damage and control to the team through AOE stun and damage spells: Holy (holy spam is satisfactory).

Whether for a novice or an experienced novice, whether trying to use a therapist or a therapist, a white mage is currently the first choice that works in every situation. Did I mention that you also have cool wings?


Astrologian can both cure and prevent injuries to allies. You will be able to choose between two poses, which will change some of your spells, adding bonus bonuses or shields to the healing you cast. It is very versatile, you can also use extra damage to strengthen the team, making it a very suitable course for beginners, but also a very powerful choice.

Astrologian starts at level 50 and have no special occupational requirements, which means that even if you lose the opportunity to participate in DPS, you can enter a rehabilitation state without increasing the therapist level.


Your journey starts at the first level, with Scholar as an Arcanist, which means you can start summoning things and causing damage before you truly become a healer.

This work focuses on fairies to help your allies destroy enemies and keep everyone healthy. In addition to your own abilities, you must manage your pet's work, which can be a bit confusing for beginners.

Now that you may have a better understanding of who is doing what, it is important to note that every therapist and profession in this game is feasible, as long as you have fun, you can do it!

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