FIFA20: These Players Are The Cornerstone Of Success, And Signing Them Is Crucial – Second Part

Blog post   •   Jan 14, 2020 04:03 EST

FIFA20: These Players Are The Cornerstone Of Success, And Signing Them Is Crucial – Second Part

Regarding the article "These Players Are The Cornerstone Of Success And Signing Them Is Crucial", U4GM will continue to update its second part.

➤ Moise Kean (Everton F.C.) - 76 OVR

Moise Kean, who just joined Everton last summer, may not have the opportunity to sign him until the first transfer window of your career in January next year, but Moise Kean is indeed an excellent choice to lead your offense.

He had a 76-point overall rating at the age of 19, and he scored high in key areas.

For a 19-year-old player, Moise Kean has strong statistics on shooting, dribbling, speed, and strength. These are the qualities you should find in a striker, especially for a player who is about to run in the middle. For a moving player, his potential is likely to reach 89 points.

So far, Moise Kean's career in Everton has not started, but if you can take him away from Goodison Park, he will be a real change in your career model.

➤ Vinícius Júnior(Real Madrid C.F. ) - 79 OVR

In January 2018, he spent Real Madrid up to 40 million pounds to bring him to Spain, so don't expect to get this young Brazilian player cheaply.

However, sometimes, if you really want to sign a really good player, you must not hesitate to take out  FIFA 20 ultimate team coins.

Only 19 years old, with a total rating of 79 points at the beginning of his career, he already has a speed of 93 points and a ball-control of 84 points, which makes him a real threat to defensive players, but more interestingly, as Over time, how did the left forward develop.

If you handle Venisius in the right way and develop his correct training methods, and plenty of playing time, then he has great potential to reach a total rating of 92 points, keeping your team in the four to five seasons.

➤ Dayot Upamecano(RB Leipzig) - 77 OVR

For any player who has played career mode in the past two years, you will immediately recognize the name of Dayotte Upamakano, and you will immediately nod in agreement that the French defender needs to be any team First choice.

Dayot Upamecano, only 20 years old, has the best statistics for a young central defender. Even at the beginning of his career, he has 88 strength, 88 jumps, and 84 tackles. And a sprint speed of 80.

Dayot Upamecano is likely to succeed for 8 million pounds and may have a total rating of 88 or 89 points, making Dayot Upamecano one of the first players you sign in career mode.

➤ Jadon Sancho(Borussia Dortmund) - 84 OVR

He might cost you a lot of  FIFA20 coins. But this is a very useful player. His overall rating of 84 points is enough to make him a player who dominates the game, immediately providing any team with immediate combat power, reaching 92 or more.

Even now, the 19-year-old Jadon Sancho has 92 points in a possession, 91 agility, 91 points in balance, 89 acceleration, and 87 sprint speeds.

Imagine if the players already had such amazing attack data, how amazing the potential of these data will be as the career mode develops.

➤  João Félix (Atlético Madrid) - 80 OVR

Once you have a chance to sign him, you need to spend a lot of money to ensure that you can get this talented Portuguese forward.

When the career mode started, the former Benfica player scored a total of 80 points when he was 19 years old. In "FIFA20" today, Felix has strong speed, shooting and ball control, passing and Physical fitness is also good.

If everything goes according to plan, this young genius will get a high score of 93 in FIFA20.

So far, we have updated everything, and hope to help you. We not only provide the latest news and tips but also provide a link to buy  FUT coins. If you have a need, click the link to buy.