Fortnite is Not a Game for Casual Players

Blog post   •   Mar 11, 2019 23:18 EDT

Fortnite is Not a Game for Casual Players

Fortnite is the completely free multiplayer game where you and as well as your buddies can jump into Battle Royale or Fortnite Creative. Have to admit that Fortnite is fun since it released in 2017. However, Fortnite is not a game for casual players to some extent.

I figure about myself to become a lot more competitive player, just as are many of you on this sub, but, as of late, I'm getting to sweat my ass off to have a win. If you're a brand new player reading this, or somebody that only plays a handful of instances a week, I genuinely salute you. This game is definitely, hard at the moment.

If someone asked me if pubs have been fun at the moment, I could not say yes with no warning people that it is an absolute sweat fest at the moment that has the potential to leave you infuriated and stressed out. Fortnite is at the peak of competitive play at the moment towards the point that the intensity of pubs negates any kind of exciting.

I see more and more of these comments regarding the competitive level that Fortnite is at right now:

" I thought I could go into team rumble and play casually but my god so many people just start building and doing 90s, quick editing, etc. I remember when that game mode was just a bunch of defaults, and I could relax. Now I feel like I can't even relax in there either."

" I like Fortnite; it's often an enjoyable game. But sometimes it's just too goddamn intense. And hard."

" I've been playing since early season 3, but I have school and work, so I only play a few times a week. Within the last few seasons, I haven't been able to improve whatsoever because within the first 5 minutes of a match I run into a sweat fest and I don't have the level of skill required to participate in a build off. I used to love this game, but now I have to force myself to play."

" Honestly, I agree. I've been playing since season 2, and I have to say, the amount of sweats in the game is absolutely ridiculous. It's not that it's impossible to win, it's that it's really not fun to win anymore. You have to fight through so many ridiculous players who, at the slightest hint of danger, throw down a thousand mats in 30 seconds within the first circle."

Most players say that Fortnite is not a game for casual players. Some say Epic need to add a ranking system kind of like h1z1 has. Exactly where everybody plays together let's say till gold/platinum and then soon after a though to impressive players progress past and remain in their lane while much more players that choose to have entertaining cannot attain that degree of play, so they stay with all the extra casual players. But then awesome people will bitch against playing against other fantastic players.

Something has to happen in my opinion. If I made Fortnite, I wouldn't want it to be seen that way; a sweat fest developed for the elite. No thanks. I want to be able to contain every person, not a minority of players, purchase Fortnite Items on U4N sometimes may make you a little more comfortable in the game. So, what are your thoughts on the competitive level in fortnite?