Free Military Tax Filing And Tax Preparation Help From The Federal Government

Blog post   •   Jan 06, 2010 23:32 EST

If you happen to work for the armed forces or the military, you might be eligible for free military tax filing and free tax return preparation assistance from the federal government. The U.S. Armed Forces offer a program that provides online tax refund advice, income tax return filings, and even tax preparation to the military members, their spouses, and family members. It’s possible to get help for your tax preparation, and to do that you need to submit certain details to your military VITA site.

The details are:
» A valid photo ID
» Social security details about you, your spouse, as well as all dependents within the family
» Your, your spouse’s, and other dependents birth dates
» Current fiscal year’s tax package details, if you have one
» The wage and monthly/yearly earnings statements -- Form W-2, W-2G, and 1099-R
» Statement forms of interest and dividends - Forms 1099
» A transcript of previous year’s federal and military state tax returns, if it’s available
» Checkbook for routing number, and account number details for direct deposit of funds
» Total expenditure incurred for day care facilities, and day care services provider identifying number
» Other associated or relevant information regarding your income and expenses, including your tax refund advance if you’ve availed one

If you’re married and plan to file your tax jointly with your spouse, it’s recommended to pick the “Married Filing Jointly” option and file military taxes . It’s possible to file your taxes electronically, however both you and your spouse need to sign the tax submission form. In case your spouse can’t sign, it would be a good idea to get a valid power of attorney, which allows you to sign the form on your spouse’s behalf. military income tax can be trying, and if it’s possible to get help, avail it. You can get more info by downloading and checking out the Armed Forced military tax deductions Guide presented by the Internal Revenue Services department.