FUT 20 | About UCL Cards In The Champions League, Release Time, How They Work, Etc.

Blog post   •   Jan 04, 2020 03:06 EST

FUT 20 | About UCL Cards In The Champions League, Release Time, How They Work, Etc.

If you want to know when the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Champions League UCL cards are released, their operations and their scores that change over time, please continue with the guide brought by U4GM.

Champions League cards were issued in FIFA 19 and also exist in FIFA 20. The design of these cards is slightly different, and if you manage to get a card from a far-flung team in a European game, timely behavior will make you very happy.

It is important to understand how the FIFA 20 Champions League card works because when you come across one of them, you will know if it is worth keeping it. 

That's all you need to know:

How does the FIFA 20 UCL card work?

Compared to gold cards, these cards are designed differently. Specifically, they have white text on a blue background and only exist among players with a Gold rating in the Champions League.

This way, almost all players present in the Champions League teams this year will have a UCL card in FIFA 20, so your favorite star will have a version.

Of course, the FIFA 20 UCL card works a bit differently than FIFA 19. Last year, each player with a UCL card received +1 points on their standard gold card, and now both the gold and UCL cards have received +1 points and they enjoy the same score.

Of course, UCL cards are much rarer than standard gold cards, so they will be of great value in the transfer market and essential to overcome some class challenges.

FUT 20 | About UCL Cards In The Champions League, Release Time, How They Work, Etc.

Has the score changed?

The FIFA 20 UCL card also seemed to change their scores, but not all. Last year, it has been seen through these cards that they have a series of dynamic parameters based on actual device performance.

That way, if you have a card from a player who makes a good Champions League team, you will see how it improves its overall rating by one point.

Although not yet confirmed because the time has not yet come, the letters appear to be gaining points in the group stage, gaining another point after overcoming 16 rounds, another point after passing the quarterfinals and overcoming four Score another point after the quarterfinals. Semifinals, another point to enter the finals and another point to win the game.

Champions League best FIFA 20 UCL card

FUT 20 | About UCL Cards In The Champions League, Release Time, How They Work, Etc.

It was known at least from the start that the gold and Champions League cards are exactly the same value, so they match the best players you have already enjoyed in FIFA 20.

The most powerful FIFA 20 UCL card:

  • Lionel Messi (RW, Barcelona) 94
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (ST, Piedmont) 93
  • Neymar (LW, Paris) 92
  • Kevin De Bruyne (CAM, Manchester) 91
  • Eden Hazard (LW, Real Madrid) 91
  • Jan Obrak (GK. Atletico Madrid) 91
  • Marc-Andre ter Stegen (GK, Barcelona) 90
  • Mohamed Salah (RW, Liverpool) 90
  • Virgil van Dijk (CB, Liverpool CB) 90
  • Luca Modric (CM, Real Madrid) 90
  • When can these cards be used?

FIFA 20 UCL cards are already starting to appear in the packaging, although the percentage is small, so you probably don't. This way, if you want to get this type of card, you have to buy various packages or get rewards in the game.

You also have to enter the transfer market, as many users will want to sell them for a large financial cost as soon as they receive them. If you have enough  fut 20 coins accumulated, this is a good idea, although we recommend that you wait for them to appear normally in open messages.

With this, you already know the UCL card of the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Champions League. In addition, more news, tips, please follow us.