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Get Real Time Pricing and Availability using Sales Quoting Software

Blog post   •   Aug 07, 2017 11:25 EDT

Are you fed-up of importing distributor product files into your system whenever you want to know product-related data such as pricing and availability? If yes, choose an online sales quoting software that simplifies the process of product catalog management. You no longer have to perform the time-consuming task of uploading distributor files that contain thousands of products if you are using this quoting tool.

With this quoting software, accessing latest product pricing and availability information has never become so easier before. This is because all your distributed catalogs are combined to form one single catalog, which is then integrated with your quoting tool.

For instance, you might be connected to various vendors, say Tech Data, United Stationers and Arrow Electronics distributor. Now online catalogs from all these distributors are aggregated to create one single master file which is then connected directly to your quoting tool.

Moreover, this aggregated catalog has features like ‘Product search and comparison’, which allows you to quickly find the products from the catalog. Also, you can compare product prices coming from multiple distributors. This means, you can know at what price the same product is being sold at Tech Data and United Stationers distributor. This will allow you to choose the right price so that you get the maximum profit from the transaction.

Also, the aggregated catalog integrated with the quoting tool is updated in real time. So any catalog information accessed for quote creation is current and up-to-date. So if the distributor, say Tech Data is changing catalog content frequently, real time Tech Data integrationensures that your aggregated catalog has accurate information.

On the whole, an online quoting tool with its catalog management functionality allows you to view your online catalog from one central location in real time. So as long as you have Internet connection, you can access your catalog data from any device (laptops and smartphones) and accurately create quotes on the run.