Glider Re-Deploy Has Been Removed in Fortnite V6.30

Blog post   •   Nov 15, 2018 00:30 EST

Fortnite patch v6.30 that fans may await a long time has been released by Epic Games, amongst the quite a few changes, the update removes the potential to re-deploy the Glider in mid-air. 

This feature was introduced within the 6.20 patch and, in the time, Epic stated it was basically testing the feature. In a message posted on the official Fortnite website, the studio confirmed that is disabling the function in all default modes, starting from when the new patch is installed.

Though it itself was a singular modify, the domino impact of its implementation impacted lots of other aspects of Fortnite, causing players to transform their play-styles significantly. Now, with all the v6.30 update in Fortnite, the function has been disabled, causing plenty of players to attempt to revert back to how Fortnite Items have been just before the mechanic was added.

This has led to a divide among the game's vast community, with half greeting the news of your removal with approval, even though others lamenting the fact and calling Glider Re-Deploy "one from the finest issues ever added to Fortnite." So as to analyze this debate extra in-depth, we have listed the benefits and drawbacks of getting Glider Re-Deploy in Fortnite, and why it needs to or should not have been removed.

It is worth noting that whilst these pros and cons are basically opinions, they may be primarily based around the points that players have brought often in their feedback.

Why Glider Re-Deploy should remain in Fortnite?


Lowers significance of fall damage - Not only will the annoying incidents of accidental fall damage be reduced, players will no longer have the effortless out of eliminating opponents for the duration of gunfights by basically destroying their builds.

Protection from third-party players - Practically nothing is far more frustrating than getting to take care of third celebration players when inside a gunfight with an individual else. Glider Re-Deploy provides players the possibility to rapidly and safely escape after they are getting pinched by several teams.

Reduces endless running - Glider Re-Deploy gave players the potential to cover ground at a rapid pace and lowered the periods of endless running to escape from the storm, which at times turned Fortnite into a Running Simulator.

What happens to Balloons? - With Glider Re-Deploy gone, Balloons have now come to be essentially worthless, due to the fact nobody will choose to use them out of fear in the threat that they are able to fall to their death at any time.

Showing off Gliders additional - Gliders constitute a considerable portion on the cosmetic things in Fortnite, and a few is usually really pricey. Why not give players the likelihood to show their Glider in-game as a lot as possible.

Why it was correct for Glider Re-Deploy to become removed from Fortnite?

No extra bailouts in the course of gunfights - Players now no longer have the capacity to run away from gunfights just due to the fact they are losing. Nothing at all is a lot more frustrating than having the upper hand within a fight only to find out the enemy glide away to security.

Much less crazy aggressive pushes - Glider Re-Deploy allowed players to swoop in and catch opponents off guard, which got frustrating for the more typical and casual players. Now the game will revert to players getting the opportunity to find out their enemies just before they get attacked. 

Movement items turn out to be a lot more viable - Using the function gone, movement boosting things like Jump Pads along with the Grappler has to turn into viable once more. This could also open the door for the fan-favorite Bouncers to make a return.

Could still return with adjustments - While Epic Games clearly felt that the Glider Re-Deploy was not great enough in its present state to remain within the default modes, they chose to leave it enabled in bigger group modes and Playground. This leaves the likelihood that the devs will appear to adjust it and implement it back later down the line, possibly having a cooldown period or max usage count added.