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Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Blog post   •   Oct 14, 2016 11:28 EDT

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Right about now the corn mazes are trapping scared adventure seekers, the haunted houses are screaming with excitement and the Monster Mash is calling Halloween participants of all ages to dance and sing. Want something new? Try adding to this excitement with a unique and interactive Halloween scavenger hunt.

Who you gonna call? – Thrill of the Hunt!

There's nothing wrong with maintaining your Halloween traditions, but sometimes you need a change or a little more adventure added to your holiday.

Do you want an activity to include your entire family, the neighborhood, or do you need an event designed for your area to fit your specific goals? Try a Halloween scavenger hunt.

A Halloween scavenger hunt can be done indoors or out, with any number of participants, day or night. Here are a few ideas.

Please note, these are only a few suggestions. Scavenger hunt possibilities are endless, simply be creative and have fun.

Glow Stick / Black Light Scavenger Hunt

Typically when we think of Halloween, we picture running around in the creepy late night hours with a full moon lighting the path. Create a fun and safe event using glow sticks. Either let the kids, or even adults, wear glowing necklaces or bracelets, or carry glow sticks during the scavenger hunt. Not only is it fun, but it helps to keep everyone safe moving around the streets at night.

The clues could be created with a glowing material to stand out and add to the eerie feeling. Use items sold in stores such as glow-in-the dark stars, or toys to be incorporated into the scavenger hunt. Even a light sabre would be a cool clue or prize to win during the scavenger hunt.

Use invisible ink for the clues, either written on index cards placed strategically around an area, or on stationary items such as rocks, poles, benches. Executing the scavenger hunt in this fashion makes it a bit more challenging, but it allows the participants to use a black light, making the event even more engaging.

Please note, Thrill of the Hunt does not promote vandalism or trespassing. Always receive permission before using private property and test your ink or the adhesive before placing items to ensure no damage will be done.

Candy Scavenger Hunt

Sure you can do the standard hide candy to find, but what if you added a twist. Such as? Use the candy as clues. Pass out large candy bars hiding clues on the wrapper or use the content on the wrapper as a clue. This is a great way to begin the scavenger hunt. You can use the same clues for all the participants or use different candy bars for different groups. This type of scavenger hunt would be perfect indoors.

For older children, those who are not interested in trick-or-treating, yet they're not adults, give them a Halloween activity. Have specific houses in the neighborhood participate by giving the kids challenges and clues to collect certain candy bars. Make the event more mysterious by having the kids give a secret code or handshake to the homeowner before collecting the candy bar. For this age group, it might be fun to add social media challenges to the mix. They can enjoy the scavenger hunt online and off. Plus, they get candy! (Unless of course you want to make it a healthy activity, then pass out fruit and vegetables.) To really challenge the kids, make them eat a bite of each veggie or fruit.

While visiting the neighborhood and collecting goodies, add another challenge to the nightly ritual. Incorporate trick-or-treating with a scavenger hunt. Give the kids or young adults a list of candy to collect, as well as other items such as apples, oranges or coupons. Those who collect the most wins.

Scary Movie / Thriller Scavenger Hunt

Naturally, you could create a scavenger hunt with the scary movie / thriller genre. Gather items from specific movies to be used as clues or challenges. Either use a list of movies within the game, or choose one specific movie and use trivia based off of it. The key is to use details. This doesn't have to be a gory horror activity. There are plenty of movies for kids such as Monster Squad, Hocus Pocus, Casper, or the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Halloween Characters

Create Halloween characters out of paper and crayons, fabric and other material, or use toys of all sizes, depending on your craft skill level, as the clues or challenges for the scavenger hunt. Hide the characters around the neighborhood or in a house. Give the participants the clues, based off of movie trivia. Once they find a character they are driven to another clue - another character.

Dress in costume while doing your scavenger hunt. Your costume can coincide with the scavenger hunt theme, at random, or in cahoots with your group.

Haunted Houses

Maybe your neighborhood really gets into the Halloween season by...

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