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Healthcare Flexible Electronics

Blog post   •   Jun 05, 2019 01:58 EDT

From glucose sensors to wearables, healthcare continues to be a bright spot for flexible and printed electronics.

Printed glucose sensors were one of the earliest and most important markets for printed electronics. The billion-dollar market featured products that were screen printed and made home diabetes testing easier and more cost effective.

The healthcare field continues to draw interest from major corporations, entrepreneurs and researchers alike, who see the opportunity to develop products that will make patients’ lives easier.

Flexible, hybrid and printed electronics have unique benefits that can drive gains in the healthcare market, whether it is sensors, wearables or other products. To begin with, the flexible nature of the technology lends itself to the human body.

“Flexible electronics by virtue of not being linear or rectangular, obviously is a natural fit for something on the human body,” said Dr. Melissa Grupen-Shemansky, CTO, flexible electronics and advanced packaging for